Tuesday 28 November 2023

They Failed To Destroy Football Itself — So Now Liberals Want To Destroy You, The Fan

 It was never really about football, was it?

All those years of googly-eyed nerds whining about “concussions” and “domestic violence” and “tribalism,” we were under the grand delusion that their gripe was with the game being played on the gridiron itself. Those with limp wrists and slight lisps were jealous of the pure, unbridled masculinity represented by the modern gladiator and were lashing out to destroy their arena — or so we thought.

Such a quaint notion has now been revealed as just that: a grand delusion. In reality, it’s clearer than ever that the left isn’t after the game. Rather, the left is after you, the football fan.

No incident better clarifies this alarming reality than the witch hunt being carried out against a young Kansas City Chiefs fan by the hacks at Deadspin.

This past Sunday, a child attended the Chief-Raiders game in Las Vegas. As many a superfan does, he dressed up in garb representing his team. In this case, that was a traditional Native American headdress, with his face painted black and red in the Chiefs colors.

Superfans are a staple of the NFL, from the Jets’ Fireman Ed to (ALLEGED) criminal mastermind Chiefsaholic to Carolina’s late Catman. Superfans who literally live and die with their teams are more American than apple pie. The lifeblood of the republic. This Nation’s Backbone.

The high-minded ass-munchers over at Deadspin are blind to that reality. One of their writers, Carron Phillips, wrote a piece demanding that Roger Goodell take action after this racist deployment of “blackface.” 

Phillips turned one kid’s costume into an entire indictment of the NFL as a systemically racist organization: “While it isn’t the league’s responsibility to stop racism and hate from being taught in the home, they are a league that has relentlessly participated in prejudice. If the NFL had outlawed the chop at Chiefs games and been more aggressive in changing the team’s name, then we wouldn’t be here,” Phillips writes.

It’s the kind of take that makes one want to suck-start an exhaust pipe in an enclosed space.

Not only did Phillips reach into the deepest hollow corners of the cavern that is his skull for that take, he also went out of his way to tweet a photo of the kid only showing the black-painted part of his face, apparently attempting to portray the kid as entirely painted black with no red. In his piece, Phillips played dumb, questioning whether the fan was a child or a “young adult.” What kind of scumbag makes such a deliberate move to try to destroy the life of a child?  

The kind of scumbag that doesn’t just hate football, but hates you. The fan itself. The kind of scumbag who hates America. The kind of scumbag who hates freedom and cheeseburgers and light beer and beautiful blondes. The kind of scumbag who would see this country die on its knees before laying their own gelatinous spine on the line for any cause worth a damn.

But take comfort in the fact that the filth like Carron Phillips will never win. He may be “Pulitzer nominated” in the same way I won Quebec City Whaler-Of-The-Year 3rd Runner-Up — Amateur Division in 1992, he may work for a formerly entertaining now-gone-to-cowsh*t outlet like Deadspin, but nobody takes these people seriously anymore. They lack any and all credibility. And that’s why they’ll lose — they’re just too obviously losers.

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