Thursday 23 November 2023

Republican Wins Special Election For Utah Congressional Seat

 Republican Celeste Maloy easily defeated Democratic candidate Kathleen Riebe in a special election Tuesday for an open Utah congressional seat that was left vacant by the resignation of Republican Chris Stewart. 

Maloy earned 57% of the vote for Utah’s 2nd congressional district, winning every county but one. In a victory speech, Maloy, who worked as a lawyer for Stewart, said she understood the responsibility of being a representative. 

“I want everybody in the second district to know that I really do want to be their representative. I want them to know me, I want them to know how to get a hold of me, and I want them to say, ‘That’s my representative, and I know she cares about the things that are happening in my town,’” she said

In an interview with POLITICO after the election, she said that Republicans needed to focus on issues like inflation and government overreach to win elections.


“I hope Republicans learn that you can still win running on the issues,” she said. “I think that’s a message that we should be using more nationally. We should be talking about core conservative values. The issues that divide Republicans shouldn’t be the center of all of our campaigns.”

Maloy, who was raised in a single-wide trailer in Nevada, defeated former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes for the nomination of the state’s Republican delegates in June. Maloy was helped by the endorsement of Stewart, who stepped down to help his sick wife. In the September primary, Maloy edged out anti-Trump Republican Becky Edwards. 

“I know Congress is a bit of a mess right now and I feel like I can go and be helpful, and be a good solid member who is even keeled and low drama,” Maloy said. 

Riebe conceded to Maloy on Tuesday night, thanking her supporters for their votes. 


“The voters of the Second District have made their decision. I just spoke to Representative-elect Maloy and wished her the best. I look forward to her advocacy on behalf of our state at the national level, and the pressing issues of water, affordable housing, and sustainable growth that face all Utahns,” she said.

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