Sunday 19 November 2023

Overwhelming Majority Of Palestinians Support Terrorism Against Jews, Hate U.S.: Middle East Poll

 A newly released poll that was conducted at the start of the month by the Arab World for Research and Development found that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians supported the October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel and hate the United States.

The survey comes after Palestinian terrorists with Hamas invaded Israel in an unprecedented terrorist attack last month. Palestinian women and children engaged in the attacks as approximately 3,000 terrorists slaughtered 1,200 innocent Israelis, wounding 5,300 more, and kidnapping more than 240.

The poll surveyed 668 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as Israel conducted military operations to root out the terrorists responsible for the attacks.


Key findings from the poll:

  • 86.7% now have a “decreased” “conviction” of wanting a “peaceful solution” with Israel. Only 9.1% have an “increased” conviction.
  • 68% said that their support for a two-state solution has “decreased.” Only 22.9% said that it increased.
  • 89.5% say that their “conviction” for wanting to coexist with Israelis has “decreased.” Only 7.2% say that it has increased.
  • 98% say that their “sense of pride as a Palestinian” has increased since the terrorist attacks, including 94.3% who said that they felt that way to a “great extent.”
  • 75% of Palestinians directly said that they supported the brutal October 7 terrorist attacks — in which babies were beheaded or burned alive in ovens, entire families were massacred, women and young girls were violently raped, soldiers beheaded, and more — against Israel. 59.3% said that they “extremely support[ed]” the attacks.
  • 76% said that they viewed the Hamas terrorist organization positively while only 22.3% viewed Hamas negatively.
  • 97.3% viewed Israel very negatively.
  • 97.6% viewed the U.S. very negatively.
  • 84.2% viewed the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization positively.
  • 64% viewed Iran negatively (which may be because they want Iran to join the fight against Israel).
  • The Palestinians mostly hated all other surrounding countries and groups, including the U.N., E.U., International Red Cross, Russia, China, Islamic countries, media entities, and more.

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