Thursday 9 November 2023

Nikki Haley Explodes At Vivek Ramaswamy During Debate: ‘You’re Just Scum’

 Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley exploded at pharmaceutical executive Vivek Ramaswamy during the third Republican Party primary debate on Wednesday night, calling him “scum.”

Haley made the remarks during the debate in Miami while the candidates were expressing their views about whether TikTok should be banned.

“I want to laugh at why Nikki Haley didn’t answer your question, which was about looking at families in the eye,” Ramaswamy said. “In the last debate, she made fun of me for actually joining TikTok while her own daughter was actually using the app for a long time. So you might want to take care of your family first before preaching to everybody else [inaudible] adult daughter.”

“Leave my daughter out of your voice,” Haley responded.

“The next generation of Americans are using it — and that’s actually the point,” Ramaswamy said as the audience booed him. “Yeah her supporters, propping her up. That’s fine.”

“You’re just scum,” Haley said.

Haley and Ramaswamy have repeatedly engaged in bitter fighting during the prior two debates, including over the issue of TikTok.


Haley slammed Ramaswamy back in September in response to Ramaswamy explaining why he decided to use TikTok after he previously said that people should not be using it.

“This is infuriating, because TikTok is one of the most dangerous social media apps that we could have,” Haley said. “And what you’ve got, I honestly, every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber for what you say.”

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