Saturday 18 November 2023

Jon Karl of ABC News Admits He Wrote New Anti-Trump Book to Influence the 2024 Election (VIDEO)


Jon Karl of ABC News appeared on the Colbert show this week and came right out and admitted that he wrote his latest book, an anti-Trump book of course, in an attempt to sway voters in the 2024 election.

The media spent four solid years claiming that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to help Trump win, but Karl has no problem admitting that he is now trying to meddle in the 2024 election. It’s different when they do it.

No matter how much you think you despise the media, it isn’t enough.

NewsBusters provides a transcript:


STEPHEN COLBERT: Why do you think he has such a lasting grip on a party that had many opportunities to end the specter of him, whether it had been either impeachment or just if Kevin McCarthy hadn’t gone down there and kissed the ring.

JONATHAN KARL: Yeah, I mean there’s a lot that. First of all, it’s important to remember, less than a year ago he was trailing Ron DeSantis in polls. In one Wall Street Journal poll and somewhere by 20 points or so.

COLBERT: It was flipped, just a year ago.

KARL: Yes. Yes, so it wasn’t a total—but, I think part of what’s happened is people look back. There’s anxiety in the country. People have economic anxiety. There’s discontent with Joe Biden and I think there’s some superficially– a sense like “look, if only we can only go back to four years ago, the world was relatively at peace. Inflation was low. Everything was–” I think there is some of that and that’s why I wrote this book because if people are going to go into this next election thinking about that, they also need to be thinking not just about what Trump was, but what he is now in what he is proposing and planning to do, what a second Trump Administration would look like and I don’t think people have come to terms with that at all.

Here’s the video:

It is election interference. Our media is a disgrace.

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