Friday 3 November 2023

DeSantis Mocks Those Focusing On His Boots: ‘This Is No Time For Foot Fetishes,’ U.S. Faces Serious Issues

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back at some online who are focusing on his height and the boots that he wears, saying that the U.S. has serious issues it is dealing with that are more important than their “foot fetishes.”

DeSantis made the remarks during an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on Thursday night after some opponents of the Republican presidential candidate have been fixated on his boots in recent days.

“There are these gotcha people, these people who just want to sit there and they want to talk about how tall you are, whether you’re wearing boots with heel extenders inside,” Bolling said. “I mean, Governor, the southern border is a disaster, terrorists are coming across the border. We got two wars that we’re kind of funding, and they want to talk about how tall you are. Respond please.”

“Look Eric, this is no time for foot fetishes,” DeSantis said. “We’ve got serious problems as a country. We’ve got war in the Middle East, we’ve got terrorists coming across our own southern border, we have an American dream that’s out of reach for millions of Americans because of the Bidenflation and the high energy prices. We’ve got schools that are indoctrinating kids and not educating kids, and we’ve got cities that are being overrun by crime.”

“I know people want to try to divert on to other issues,” he continued. “I know Donald Trump and a lot of his people have been focusing on things like footwear. I’ll tell you this, if Donald Trump can summon the balls to show up to the debate, I’ll wear a boot on my head.”

He said that what was more important was “substance” and that the American people deserved to see which candidate is the best to lead the country forward.

“And the question is: Are you able to fight for them? Which we have done in Florida. Are you able to win those fights? We have been able to in Florida,” he concluded. “And are you able to lead to a better tomorrow? We’ve done that in Florida, and we’ll do that for the United States of America.”



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