Tuesday 7 November 2023

Democrats Are Growing Increasingly Concerned That Biden’s Campaign Is Ignoring Political Warning Signs: REPORT

 Democrats worry that President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is ignoring political warning signs and is not working enough to turn around the direction of the operation, according to The Washington Post.

Concerns from members of Biden’s party come as several polls have spelled bad news for the president, showing him trailing former President Donald Trump in several swing states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden allies told the Washington Post that they are worried the campaign is ignoring the polls that show the president trailing, some even voicing concerns that the president may be losing the support of black voters.  

“I am concerned,” Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal told the outlet. “I was concerned before these numbers. I am concerned by the inexplicable credibility that Donald Trump seems to have despite all of the indictments, the lies, the incredible wrongdoing.”

The Biden campaign runs the risk of losing Black voters if the operation does not work to engage more with the base, Cliff Albright, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, told the Washington Post.

“People fundamentally misunderstood what Black voters said in 2020,” Albright told the outlet. “The depth of support was never there. The enthusiasm was never there for Biden. We were very pragmatic. We knew he was the best chance to beat Trump.” 

Recently, Biden’s approval rating among his own party slipped to its lowest throughout his presidency, falling to 75%, according to a Gallup poll. The president’s approval rating fell 11% over the past month while his approval rating among independents also fell four points to 35%.

“President Biden’s campaign is hard at work reaching and mobilizing our diverse, winning coalition of voters one year out on the choice between our winning, popular agenda and MAGA Republicans’ unpopular extremism,” Kevin Munoz, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, told the Washington Post. “We’ll win in 2024 by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about a poll.”

Democrats outside of the campaign have been questioning the White House’s economic messaging push while some questioned the effectiveness of the president’s “Bidenomics” branding, the Washington Post reported. Members of the party agreed that Biden needs to increase his campaigning while directly attacking Trump and other GOP presidential candidates, the Washington Post reported. The Democrats stressed to the outlet that the campaign should focus their messaging on social issues, such as the right to abortion.

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