Saturday 25 November 2023

Dark Money Fund Poured Millions Into Unhinged Climate Activist Groups That Vandalize Priceless Art and Block Highways


Global rise of vandalism and public temper tantrums by unhinged climate activists and the Hollywood and left-wing foundations quietly bankrolling the extremist protest groups.

Now, Fox News shares additional details of the dark money climate group Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) and the millions they have poured into funding activists that vandalize priceless works of art and disrupt communities by blocking busy highways across the world.

Fox News reports:

The Beverly Hills, California-based, Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) — which has been funded in large part by Hollywood actors and producers since it was founded in 2019 — raised $6.1 million in 2022, a 165% increase from the $2.3 million it raised in 2021, the tax filings showed. The sharp increase in funding led to CEF sending $5 million to left-wing protest groups, a 274% year-over-year increase.


In CEF’s tax filings, the group stated that the activist organizations it supported last year “brought new life and vigor” to the climate movement. It further reported that its grantees trained more than 15,000 people, their protests included 47,000 people and their actions were covered by global media outlets 25,000 times.

The majority of CEF’s 2022 grants, approximately $4 million, were sent overseas, with the most sizable slice being wired to U.K. climate activists. The largest beneficiary of CEF’s funds appeared to be Just Stop Oil, a British activist group that has repeatedly made headlines for stopping traffic and disrupting public places across the U.K.

Examples of unhinged activities by deranged activists include an October 2022 incident when two disturbed women from the activist group Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ on display at London’s National Gallery.  Thankfully, the painting was protected by museum glass.


In June 2022, another pair from Just Stop Oil glued themselves to the frame of another Van Gogh painting.

In France, a 36-year-old man dressed as an old lady tried to break the glass protecting the famous Mona Lisa painting before throwing a cake on its surface.

Claude Monet’s ‘Les Meules,’ displayed at the Potsdam Barberini Museum in Germany, was attacked by an alliance of German and Austrian activists,  Letzte Generation (Last Generation.)

Letzte Generation also vandalized an artwork near the German parliament building.

Vandals smeared black and red paint on the glass case and pedestal of Edgar Degas’ famous and beloved sculpture “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen,” displayed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Activists have also repeatedly targeted roadways, causing headaches and heartaches. 

In 2022, activists caused chaos on Britain’s M25 over multiple days that led to a car crash in which a policeman was injured.

One motorist shared how these public tantrums have real-world consequences for citizens just trying to live their lives. The road blockage caused him to miss his father’s funeral.

In a radio interview, he shared,” By doing this, this civil disruption, you don’t raise people to your cause. You actually alienate yourselves on this. But there’s nothing we could have done. But someone that I don’t know has taken that ability for me to say goodbye to my father away from me. And I actually said a few choice words, as I mentioned, on their Twitter page.”

“Nothing’s come back saying ‘we’re sorry so terribly sorry for what happened.’ And if they did, I would tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Because frankly, there’s nothing that these people can say to make it any better in my eyes. And I will never forgive these people for what they have done to me.”

Fox shares that CEF sent an additional $800,000 to other global groups in France, Canada, and Italy, “all of which staged disruptive protests in 2022.”

In the U.S., CEF signed grants worth $1 million to domestic groups.

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