Wednesday 15 November 2023

Conservative host under fire for releasing manifesto written by trans school shooter Audrey Hale

 Conservative host Steven Crowder is under fire for sharing the manifesto written by trans Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale., who targeted white Christians. The document, which authorities wanted to keep under wraps, is now circulating on social media.

Crowder is the host of the Louder with Crowder talk show on YouTube. He shared leaked images of the first three pages of the manifesto, and they show a violent and deeply disturbed woman pretending to be a man and expressing a strong desire to hurt white people.

The manifesto says things like “Wanna kill all you little cr*****s,” and “Bunch of little f****** w/ your white privlages f*** you f******.”

The killer’s notebook was found in her car shortly after the shooting, and it prompted authorities to conclude the attack was “calculated and planned.” Hale killed three children and three school employees on the morning of March 27 before being shot by police on the second floor of the Christian Covenant School.

Many critics and journalists have theorized that the manifesto wasn’t released because the shooter was transgender and seemed to be motivated by left-wing extremist beliefs, and the leaked manifesto pages support that notion. They were also reportedly concerned it could lead to backlash against the LGBTQ community.

Authorities investigating source of leak

Authorities have reacted strongly to the release. Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake said: "I am greatly disturbed by today's unauthorized release of three pages of writings from the Covenant shooter. This police department is extremely serious about the investigation to identify the person responsible.”

Seven detectives have now been suspended by the department over the leak. They were placed on administrative duty while the source of the leak is investigated.

According to Crowder, someone contacted an investigator for his website claiming to have part of the manifesto. He sent someone to Nashville to meet the source, who claimed to have acquired the documents as part of a text exchange with a “Nashville detective.” Crowder's team authenticated the documents and then released them.

Manifesto's release hotly debated

The release of the manifesto has been the subject of great debate, with the media and some law enforcement groups insisting they need to be in the public domain while the school and authorities opposed their release.

Crowder maintains that the manifestos of other mass shooters were released fairly quickly and that there is no reason this one should be any different. He said: “This was one that did not follow along with that narrative. And a lot of people thought it was necessary for this to be out. And there are people involved with the Nashville PD who also believe things have not necessarily been transparent.”

Attorney Dan Lennington, who is representing one of the media outlets that sued to obtain the manifesto, said there was no reason to withhold it as it did not contain anything that would compromise their investigation.

He said: “I don’t see why the FBI needs to say, the public can’t know that [Hale] called those three little nine-year-old kids ‘crackers’ that have white privilege and need to die,” he said. “What purpose is there in withholding that other than a political purpose?”

Authorities also found dozens of other journals in Hale's home, including one in which she kept notes on previous mass shootings. Hale identified as a male named Aiden and had been seeing a doctor for an emotional disorder.

Not surprisingly, YouTube has removed Crowder’s show from its platform, and Facebook has also suppressed the story.

Actor James Woods posted about the censorship of Crowder on X, writing: “Steven Crowder has done Americans a service. Not just because he has published the Nashville killer’s manifesto of anti-white racist hate, but more importantly has exposed the stranglehold that Google (surprise, surprise) has on the truth. YouTube’s censorship of conservative voices has now rendered it as worthless as FaceBook.”

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