Tuesday 14 November 2023

CLUELESS: Teachers Union Head Randi Weingarten Wonders Why More Americans Are Turning to Homeschooling


America has seen a large increase in homeschooling over the last few years and there are multiple reasons for that.

School closures during the pandemic were an obvious one, but also woke policies in public schools, diversity, equity and inclusion policies, the LGBT agenda, woke teachers pushing nonsense, and on and on.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the largest teacher union in the country, doesn’t seem to understand any of this.

She recently tweeted this:


Here’s an obvious answer:

FOX News reported:

Randi Weingarten gets educated about exactly who is to blame for the rise in homeschooling

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten got more than she asked for after she posted an article about the rise in homeschooling in America on social media Sunday.

“What’s behind the increase in homeschooling,” Weingarten posted on X along with an article with the same title from Axios, which included experts attributing the rise to kids needing specialized services and the pandemic…

A right-leaning organization responded in kind, mocking Weingarten as an advocate for homeschooling.

“Homeschooling is now the fastest-growing form of education in the U.S. Randi still doesn’t realize she is one of the greatest homeschool advocates in American history,” Young Americans for Liberty posted.

Here are more responses to her tweet:

Every other day, the Libs of TikTok account tweets a teacher somewhere saying something completely insane. Weingarten might want to take a look.

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