Wednesday 18 October 2023

West Virginia teacher accused of allegedly duct-taping student's mouth shut 'from ear to ear' during class: Report

 A female middle school teacher in West Virginia was recently arrested for allegedly abusing a male student on more than one occasion. She allegedly used duct tape to cover his mouth, bind his hands, and wrap tape around his head during class.

Cassandra Sisler was arrested and taken into custody on Friday. She is being charged with four counts of child abuse in connection with the incidents that took place in her classroom, per Law & Crime

The four charges Sisler is facing are for a series of incidents that took place in her classroom earlier this month at Central Preston Middle School in Kingwood, West Virginia.

Troopers with the Preston County detachment of the West Virginia State Police met with the county prosecutor's office about the potential of a child abuse situation on October 13, according to WBOY-TV.

The report noted that Sisler was previously listed as the president of the Preston County chapter of the West Virginia Education Association, but her name no longer appears on the website. However, it appears she was a teacher at Central Preston Middle School during the time the incidents in question occurred. 

During the investigation, the male victim said that "his teacher," who was identified as Sisler, "put duct tape over his mouth from ear to ear" on October 2 "in the middle of class." It was reported that after he removed the tape, "his mouth and lips were sore," according to the troopers. 

The victim said the same series of events occurred the following day, on October 3. However, on October 4, he said Sisler duct-taped his "mouth from ear to ear" and "also grabbed his hands and wrapped his wrists in duct tape," according to the complaint.

Then, on October 5, Sisler is alleged to have used duct tape to cover the boy's mouth and wrapped tape around his head, and some of it was secured to his shoulders, according to Law & Crime. Sisler is currently out on a bond totaling $40,000, which amounts to $10,000 per charge.

When asked about the situation, Preston County Superintendent Brad Martin said he could not "comment on the employment status” of Sisler but noted that Board of Education is cooperating with the investigation.

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