Saturday 21 October 2023

U.S. Records Highest Illegal Alien Encounters In History For September; Over 8 Million Total For Biden Era

 U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed on Saturday that the agency encountered nearly 270,000 illegal aliens at the U.S. southern border for the month of September.

The total — 269,735 illegal alien encounters — was the highest single-month total ever recorded.

September’s numbers close out Fiscal Year 2023 with a total of 2,475,669 illegal alien encounters. President Joe Biden’s illegal immigration crisis on the southern border has worsened every year that he has been in office, with Fiscal Year 2022 having 2,378,944 encounters and Fiscal Year 2021 having 1,734,686 encounters.

The 2,475,669 illegal alien encounters for Fiscal Year 2023 is the highest level recorded in U.S. history.

The three fiscal years under Biden have seen a staggering 6,589,299 illegal alien encounters on the southern border.

However, those numbers do not include “known gotaways,” which refers to illegal aliens that are observed illegally entering the U.S. and are not apprehended.

The House Judiciary Committee said in a report earlier this month that there have been 1.7 million known gotaways that have escaped into the U.S. during the Biden era. CBP sources told Fox News that they believe the number is around 1.6 million “known gotaways.”

Additionally, 169 illegal aliens on the terrorist watchlist were arrested in Fiscal Year 2023, bringing the total number arrested under Biden to 282.


During the Biden era, federal agents have encountered 72,823 “special interest aliens” attempting to enter the country illegally. “Special interest aliens” are illegal aliens that come from countries that are considered breeding grounds for terrorism.

When factoring in the 1.6-1.7 million known gotaways into the equation, the number of illegal aliens that have entered the U.S. jumps to potentially over 8 million. Some illegal aliens enter the country multiple times and are apprehended.

The number of illegal aliens that have crossed the southern border and evaded detection, referred to as “unknown gotaways,” is unknown, but sources told Fox News that the number could potentially be in the millions.

“Because of the unprecedented border crisis, some Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been forced to abandon arrests and removals of aliens, including criminal aliens, to process the illegal aliens who have arrived at the southwest border,” the House Judiciary Committee report states. “Meanwhile, the Biden Administration’s own policies and so-called enforcement ‘priorities’ have contributed to reduced arrests and lower removals of aliens.”

“The Committee and Subcommittee will continue to conduct oversight of the Biden Administration’s radical, open-borders immigration policies,” it adds. “This interim staff report highlights the failures of President Biden’s immigration agenda and helps to inform the House on legislative reforms to secure the border, reform immigration law, and end the far left’s policy incentives driving the crisis at the border.”

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