Monday 9 October 2023

Private Group Is Heading to Israel to Rescue Americans: “The Biden Administration Refuses to Protect Its Own People” (Video)


Project DYNAMO, a private squad of US military veterans, is heading to Israel to rescue trapped Americans.

Brian Stern, the group’s co-founder , told The New York Post his group only has to step up to help “because the Biden administration refuses to protect its own people even when they’re ‘being held at the barrel of a gun.'”

 Project DYNAMO’s prior work to help evacuate Americans trapped in civil-war-ravaged Sudan, those abandoned in Afghanistan, and helping those in parts of the world where Joe Biden has failed American citizens and our allies.

Stern joined Fox News to discuss the horrific terrorist attacks against Israel.

 Watch below:

Stern spoke to The New York Post sharing, “There’s never been anything like DYNAMO before — because there’s never been a need for anything like DYNAMO before.”

“The net result is Americans keep getting put in danger, and America keeps embarrassing itself on the world stage,” he said of what he sees as a weakened foreign response.

While he refused to single out any leaders for blame, Stern said he felt once again forced to “Americans are being held at the barrel of a gun” while terrorists continue to kidnap and kill citizens.


“The US government is watching on TV — there’s no logical way to explain,” he said of the failure to help.

He stressed that his squad would happily step aside and leave rescues to the government if the military was called to take charge.

Reuters reports that Biden shared that, as of Monday, at least 11 American citizens were among those killed. It is unknown how many Americans may have been kidnapped and are unaccounted for.

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