Sunday 15 October 2023

Palestinian Pizzeria Used Photo Of Kidnapped Holocaust Survivor In Ad. Israel Leveled The Building.

 Israel leveled a Palestinian pizzeria after the restaurant apparently thought it was funny to use a photo of an Israeli woman who was kidnapped by Hamas in an advertisement for Pizza.

The pizzeria, called Eiffel Bakery and Supermarket, was located in a town in Judea and Samaria.

The Times of Israel reported that the photo was of an “elderly Israeli Holocaust survivor who was taken hostage by terrorists in Gaza.”

Local reporter Amit Segal posted a photo of the ad that the shop used, adding: “Pro-Nazis: a pizzeria in Hvar advertises its goods this way.”

Segal tying a pizzeria using a photo of a Holocaust survivor as an advertisement to Nazism is a reference to Jews being murdered in ovens inside concentration camps during WWII.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) showed up to the pizzeria with a front loader late this week and completely demolished the establishment.

Channel 12 news in Israel said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was personally involved in the decision to destroy the establishment.


The Messenger reported that the owner of the pizzeria was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting an Israeli several years ago, but the case had to be dropped because they did not gather enough evidence.

The pizzeria posted a message online claiming that they had no idea who the woman in the photo was.

“We are very sorry for the picture that was uploaded. Of course, the image did not occur to us,” the Facebook post read. “Someone tried to hurt us. We are against harming people and women and just want to make a living with dignity and live in peace with everyone. We are very sorry to the members of the affected family and the other people who were affected.”

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