Sunday 22 October 2023

New York Mayor Eric Adams: Illegal Immigration Is ‘Not Sustainable,’ Cities Are ‘Overwhelmed’

 New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) warned in a recent press conference that the number of illegal immigrants coming to major cities is “not sustainable.”

Adams said that migrants were arriving in NYC more quickly, growing from approximately 2,400 people per week to 4,000 people per week, and added that the sheer number of people coming had “overwhelmed” major cities across the country.

I’m happy that my colleagues across the country are joining this chorus that I have been singing that it is not sustainable,” Adams said after highlighting the number of migrants coming to the city on a weekly basis. “I want to be honest with New Yorkers. You’re going to see the visual of running out of room. It’s not if, it’s when. People are going to be sleeping on our streets.”

“These mayors, my colleagues across America, are doing the best they can, but it’s clear that all of these cities are overwhelmed,” Adams said of other cities that have also struggled to manage the surge in illegal immigrants. Chicago, for example, passed a $51 million funding package this summer to provide food and housing for illegal immigrants who’d arrived in the city. 

He also commented on the overall number of people that have come to New York, remarking, “We have now more than 126,000 migrants, close to 127,000 that have come through our care since last spring.” 

“We have more than 118,000 total people in our care and out of that number, 64,000, a little over 64,000 are migrants,” Adams said of the city’s shelters. 

The statements come after the New York Mayor took a trip to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia, where he set out to warn illegal immigrants that “there is no more room in New York” and that “Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not.”

New York has struggled to manage the influx of illegal immigrants as illegal border crossings have continued to surge under the Biden administration, with an estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrant gotaways being recorded since Biden took office in January 2021. There were 415,000 total reported gotaways for 2018, 2019, and 2020 under the Trump administration.


Recently released data from Customs and Border Patrol revealed that the agency encountered nearly 270,000 illegal aliens at the U.S. southern border for the month of September — the highest single-month total ever recorded.

recent poll from CBS News found that an overwhelming majority of voters, 66%, said that they disapprove of President Biden’s handling of immigration, while just 34% said that they approve.

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