Friday 20 October 2023

Joe Biden Received $200,000 From James Biden Through Healthcare Firm, New House Oversight Evidence Shows

 Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, released evidence Friday showing Joe Biden took a payment from his brother James Biden, one of his son, Hunter Biden’s, business partners.

Comer posted a video on X laying out a $200,000 payment Joe Biden received from his brother in 2018 on the same day a distressed rural hospital operator wired $200,000 to James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden’s, bank account.  

“We’re still digging into the evidence subpoenaed from bank accounts belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, and James and Sara Biden – the brother and sister-in-law of the President,” Comer said at the beginning of the video.

“Bank records obtained by the House Committee on Oversight have revealed a $200,000 direct payment from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden in the form of a personal check,” he continued. 

“In 2018, James Biden received $600,000 in loans from Americore — a financially distressed and failing rural hospital operator. According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden received these loans ‘based upon representations that his last name, “Biden,” could “open doors” and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections,'” Comer added.

“On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 loan into James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account – not their business bank account. And then on the very same day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check from this same personal bank account to Joe Biden.”

James Biden paid out $350,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging he played a role in Americore’s eventual bankruptcy, The Wall Street Journal reported

The Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden’s personal and business bank records Sept. 28 following the first impeachment inquiry hearing for President Biden. Comer said at the hearing that existing financial information about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings came from suspicious activity reports sent by banks to the Treasury Department.

The Biden family and its associates brought in more than $24 million from Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania and Kazakhstan, according to a House memo circulated prior to the hearing.

James Biden worked on foreign business dealings with Hunter Biden and Chinese business associates with CEFC China Energy, a defunct infrastructure company. He was part of a Hudson West III, a business venture formed by Hunter Biden and a CEFC associate, the Oversight Committee said in a May bank records memo

The Hudson West arrangement brought in $3.7 million for all parties involved, IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler testified in July. Hunter Biden admitted in court to partnering with CEFC Chairman Ye on Hudson West, and his failed guilty plea with the Department of Justice (DOJ) states he made just under $1 million from the venture in 2017.

James Biden also received wires from Hunter Biden’s former business associate Rob Walker, who received $3 million from Chinese firm State Energy HK and transferred roughly $1 million to Biden family members, according to bank records released by House Oversight in March.

Walker told the FBI in a December 2020 interview that Joe Biden met with CEFC officials following his vice presidency when Hunter Biden was attempting to close a business deal, according to a newly released transcript.

The document was publicized as part of a trove of documents substantiating testimony from IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who have both accused the DOJ of giving Hunter Biden special treatment.

Tony Bobulinski, another former business associate, told the FBI he talked business with Joe Biden at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel in 2017, according to an FBI FD-302 form summarizing his interview released by the Ways and Means Committee.

Bobulinski also indicated to the FBI that Hunter and James Biden’s discussions with CEFC began while Joe Biden was still vice president, the FD-302 document shows. Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace laid out the details of Bobulinski’s FBI interview during the first impeachment inquiry hearing.

James Biden was interviewed by the IRS as part of the ongoing DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and firearms possession, a memo released by the Ways and Means Committee shows.

He said Hunter Biden compared Ye Jianming, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked businessman, to CCP ruler Xi Jinping. In addition, James Biden said he thanked Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris “on behalf of the family” for Morris’ apparent payment of roughly $2 million to cover Hunter Biden’s overdue tax burden, the memo shows.

Two payments from China worth more than $250,000 were sent to Hunter Biden with Joe Biden’s Delaware residence listed as the beneficiary address, the Oversight Committee revealed ahead of the hearing.

Jonathan Li, one of the Chinese business associates, wired Hunter Biden $250,000 in August 2019 and Joe Biden’s home was listed as the beneficiary address. The former vice president had already announced his 2020 presidential campaign at the time of Li’s payment.

Hunter Biden was living in California at the time he received the wires from China, according to his failed guilty plea with the Department of Justice (DOJ). His former business associate, Devon Archer, testified that Joe Biden got coffee with Li and Beijing and wrote a college recommendation letter for Li’s daughter.

The White House previously downplayed the two payments from China and said Joe Biden was “not in business” with his son.

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