Sunday 15 October 2023

Here’s a New One… Joe Biden Starts Screaming, Mumbling, Garbling His Words During Speech to the Gays


Joe Biden started screaming at the gays tonight for some reason.

Joe Biden started screaming at the gays today for some reason.

On Saturday Joe and Dr. Jill spoke to HRC, the largest far-left gay lobby in the country.

During his speech Joe Biden started screaming again for some reason. But this time he added a few new features to the speech. Joe was screaming, mumbling, slurring, and garbling his words all at the same time.

What a neat trick!

The crooked fool has no idea what he is doing. 

And, despite the worst inflation, worst gas prices, worst foreign police, an open border, and batsh*t crazy policies, Democrats are running Joe Biden again for president. But they’re not cheating!

Watch Joe in action.

The gays had no idea what a treat they were going to get tonight.

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