Thursday 12 October 2023

Alabama Hoaxer Who Claimed She Was Kidnapped by a Man with Orange Hair Found Guilty; Judge Recommends Year in Jail, $18,000 Fine


In July Alabama police announced charges against hoaxer Carlee Russell for lying about being kidnapped by a man with orange hair and taken away in an 18-wheeler.

On July 13, Carlee Russell vanished after she called 911 to report she saw a stranded toddler walking on the side of a highway.

Russell’s abrupt disappearance led to a nationwide effort to find the 25-year-old nursing student.

Carlee Russell suddenly reappeared after going missing for 49 hours.


Police were suspicious of her kidnapping story after they were unable to determine where Russell was during those 49 hours after she made the 911 call.

Russell initially told police she was forced into an 18-wheeler truck where she was taken to a residence and told to undress.

She then told police that the man and woman had taken nude photos of her.

Internet searches revealed Carlee Russell was likely lying to investigators.

“Investigators, with assistance from Secret Service, analyzed Russell’s cellphone for the days leading up to her disappearance. Officials did say that before she vanished, she made internet searches about paying for Amber Alerts, how to take money from a register without getting caught and the movie “Taken.”” NBC News reported.

Carlee Russell eventually admitted to fabricating the kidnapping.

Authorities hit Carlee Russell with two misdemeanor charges: false reporting to law enforcement authorities and falsely reporting an incident, NBC News previously reported.

Russell was found guilty of the abduction hoax on Wednesday and a judge recommended a year in jail and an $18,000 fine.

Fox News reported:

An Alabama judge found Carlee Russell guilty of two misdemeanor charges after she faked her own abduction in July.

Hoover Municipal Court Judge Thomas Brad Bishop on Wednesday found Russell guilty on charges of false reporting of an incident and false reporting to law enforcement, both misdemeanors, according to FOX affiliate WBRC.

The state recommended one year in jail, the maximum, which is six months for each charge. They also recommended a fine of $831 and restitution of $17,974.88.

According to the report, the case will be appealed to circuit court.

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