Wednesday 13 September 2023

Watch: Prankster tackled after seamlessly taking to New York Fashion Week runway in a garbage bag

 Those incapable of distinguishing between high fashion and garbage are not alone. It appears that after years of entertaining dumpster aesthetics, fashionistas similarly can't tell the difference.

A YouTube prankster stole onto a catwalk at New York Fashion Week over the weekend dressed in salmon-colored shorts, a shower cap, white sneakers, and a transparent garbage bag. More surprising than the intruder's attire was that no one in the audience seemed to bat an eye — at least not until security stepped in.

The Telegraph indicated that the prankster is likely Fred Beyer, a YouTuber whose videos typically involve executing hijinks of varying consequence, such as attempting to cook in a librarygoing "undercover" at a feminist gym, and staging an impromptu boxing match during a college lecture.

In the viral video taken at the Bossi 2023 Runway Show hosted by Creators Inc. on Saturday, the person supposed to be Beyer can be seen confidently sashaying down the runway toward its terminus. 

Glancing back, he registers the threat of an incoming security guard but nevertheless continues strutting until grappled. Wrapping the prankster up in a tackle, the hulking guard pulls the intruder off the catwalk and out of sight.

Although Beyer responded to the video with a laughing emoji, he has not yet explicitly admitted his involvement. 

Commentators on Instagram highlighted how the audience's lack of reaction speaks to the present state of fashion, with one user quipping, "I swear these runway outfits get trashier each year."

One user wrote, "That is not garbage but garbagé."

Another said, "Probably not even the dumbest outfit that event."

Trashy fashion has been in vogue for years.

Balenciaga, among the fashion houses to standardize low standards, put out a $1,790 leather handbag last year "inspired by a garbage bag," reported the New York Post.

"I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?" the company's creative director told Women's Wear Daily.

Last summer, Kanye West rolled out his Yeezy Gap collection, reportedly inspired by the "homeless." The expensive threads were sold out of what appeared to be trash bags.

Moschino determined in 2017 that the cardboard box look was in and trotted out models in brown rags accordingly.

The intruder's mockery of haute couture was not the only disruption New York Fashion Week encountered this year.

CNN reported that animal rights extremists interrupted Coach's runway show Thursday to protest the use of leather.

Two women, including one painted to appear hideless, rushed the stage with signage claiming, "Coach leather kills," making it halfway around the room before being removed by security.

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