Tuesday 12 September 2023

University of Arizona instructs future pediatric nurses to ask children as young as 3 years old about their gender identity

 The University of Arizona (UA) is now facing scrutiny for instructing future pediatric nurses to ask children as young as three years old about their gender identity.

Libs of TikTok, a social media account that exposes extreme "woke" practices, uploaded on X (formerly Twitter) photos of a slide show presentation for the university's nursing students that says: "Some kids feel like a girl on the inside, some kids feel like a boy on the inside, and some kids feel like neither, both or someone else. What about you? How do you feel on the inside? There's no right or wrong answer."

Another slide titled "When to ask," recommends discussing gender identity with children as young as three during their general wellness visits, typically conducted as part of their annual checkups.  

Pam Scott, a spokeswoman for the university, refuted the accusations. She explained that the slides were intended to discuss complex issues nurse practitioners may encounter in clinical practice.

"The college does not have a policy or position on this issue and does not integrate this type of training or education into its curriculum. The college teaches that practitioners should always work with the parents and guardians and, with their permission, within their scope of practice, and in alignment with the employing organization's guidance when treating pediatric patients," said Scott.

According to the conservative news website College Fix, the program played a part in the recent launch of the university's five-year strategic plan on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As part of the program, the institution seeks to hire faculty and staff with "inclusive excellence" as well as include it into "education, research, scholarship, practice and service."

GOP condemns UA for facilitating discussions on gender dysphoria

The controversial presentation surfaced amid an ongoing debate within the medical community regarding the promotion of puberty-blocking drugs and sex-change surgeries.

Kari Lake, a former TV news anchor who ran for Arizona governor in 2022, called the UA presentation "indoctrination" and criticized the idea of discussing gender identity with very young children. "We can't trust our kids with medical professionals who want to groom them. Stop this indoctrination now," Lake said.

In a statement released on Sept. 8, Republicans in the Arizona Senate accused the university of "stealing the innocence of young children." They accused the university of "catering to a radical left agenda" by encouraging students to ask young children about their gender identity during annual wellness check-ups.

State Sen. Justine Wadsack, a vocal proponent of the anti-drag show and trans bathroom restriction bills, described the situation as a "disgusting use of taxpayer dollars." She accused medical professionals of discussing gender identity with young patients of "victimizing" them. Wadsack even responded to the post on X, stating: "I will be investigating this immediately."

State Sen. T.J. Shope threatened to explore options to ensure that tax dollars are not used to support such practices at the university. State Sen. Ken Bennett also joined those condemning the school, calling its curriculum "immoral" and expressing eagerness to see what actions the university's president, Robert Robbins, would take.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Janae Shamp couldn't help but express her strong disapproval of the incident. "I'm absolutely sickened that this institution of higher learning is perpetuating the lie that a person's gender is based on feelings and not their God-given biological sex established upon conception," she said.

"This is completely groomer garbage that strives to confuse our kids in an effort to cater to the evil that is being accepted by today's society. As a nurse, I am so disheartened that the next generation of nurses is being hijacked of their capabilities to deliver ethical care."

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