Friday 29 September 2023

Top 6 government-run and taxpayer-funded INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES robbing Americans of their health and wealth

 One of the main reasons most politicians from both sides, including the Rhino GOP, hate Donald J. Trump so much is because he's already a billionaire who has no need to embezzle and launder billions of dollars through massive schemes that rob the American taxpayers. Ever since the early 1900s, there have been swaths of U.S. politicians who invest heavily in illegal schemes to make millions (and even billions) through proxy wars, Big Pharma, Big Food, natural (staged) disasters, falsified elections, and yes, fake news.

Remember when the U.S. politicians lied and claimed we were "winning" the Vietnam War, while thousands of soldiers were dropped into the "meat grinder" and covered in Agent Orange? That war was kept alive under the false pretense of "communist aggression," just like the proxy war in Ukraine today. Wake up and smell the foul past.

Many Americans still believe most politicians really care about the country and the populace

There's a saying that goes, "it's the big lies that are more likely to be believed." This is unfortunately quite true when it comes to Americans supporting their own demise by voting for crooks to run the country. The mass media is the right arm of it all, convincing about 270 million Americans that most food and medicine is normal and "clean," when in fact it's just the opposite. That's why that many sheeple got vaxxed up with the deadliest jab mankind has ever made, and that's saying a whole lot.

Then there's the money pit called the Ukraine War. Resident Joe has just sent them close to $700 million for another useless offensive, after spending over $110 BILLION since Russia began defending their nation from the NATO implants of insidious biolabs making weapons of mass destruction (COVID and all it's variants) to destroy Russia from it's Western border. Get it? What's worse, most of that money is completely unaccounted for, so it could easily be in off-shore accounts the politicians fill to the brim – by the billions.

It's highly likely, from all the evidence, data, and autopsies of the vaccinated dead, that the real pandemic WAS in fact planned, to kill Trump's economy, to steal the votes, to control the populace, and to eliminate tens of millions of Americans through deadly mRNA, vascular-clogging, population-reducing technology. That brings us to the Soros-funded, O-Biden inspired, Communist-ideology-driven OPEN BORDERS, where millions of illegals flood into the country each month and quickly replace all those DEAD and dying American voters.

Think about that real carefully for a minute. That's a mix of the Military Industrial Complex (since the CCP military made the bioweapon vaccines with NIH and put Pfizer and Modern labels on them), the Medical Industrial Complex (that killed sick Americans with ventilators, Remdesivir, and booster vaccines), and the Election Industrial Complex. It's the most evil of all tri-fectas, that most Americans simply can't wrap their heads around, and Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci should go to prison for life for it, for starters. Even 9/11 can't hold a candle to that planned genocidal monster.

And that, folks, brings us to the top 6 government-run and tax-payer-funded massive-Ponzi-scheme complexes currently robbing the majority of the populace of their health and wealth:

#1. The Military Industrial Complex

#2. The Medical Industrial Complex

#3. The Agricultural (Big Food) Industrial Complex

#4. The Environmental Industrial Complex (The Great Global Warming Hoax)

#5. The Election Industrial Complex

#6. The Censorship Industrial Complex (Mass Media and Big Tech)


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