Saturday 2 September 2023

Mom Scores $100,000 Legal Win After School Secretly Transitions Daughter

 A mother from California was awarded a $100,000 judgment against the Spreckels Union School District after a middle school in the district secretly socially transitioned the woman’s 11-year-old daughter.

Jessica Konen’s daughter Alicia was referred to with male pronouns by teachers at Buena Vista Middle School and was permitted to use the boys’ bathroom, all without Konen’s knowledge or consent.

“Parents, please be bold, stand up for your children; fight for them, and fight for your rights,” Konen said in a video posted by the nonprofit Center for American Liberty following the ruling. “We let our voices be known, and we are so glad we did.”

Konen’s lawsuit said her daughter joined her school’s “Equality Club” in sixth grade and learned about “LGBT concepts,” transgenderism, and bisexuality, National Review reported. The school then helped to facilitate Alicia’s social gender transition, “giving her articles on how to conceal her supposed new gender identity from her mother and giving her a ‘Gender Support Plan’ that required school staff to refer to her by a male name,” the suit said.

After Konen eventually found out about such activity, the school allegedly tried to further conceal the transition by referring to Alicia by her given name and female pronouns while in front of her mother. When Konen was not present, the suit says, Alicia was referred to with male pronouns and a male name.

California has become a hotspot for battles surrounding parental rights and gender. For example, school board members from Temecula Valley Unified School District who voted against controversial curriculum were targeted by Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA). The governor likened the three conservative board members to “demagogues who whitewash history, censor books, and perpetuate prejudice.” He bragged about a civil rights investigation launched by the state’s attorney general back in June into why the board rejected the curriculum, and vowed to send the district a bill for $1.6 million, along with a $1.5 million fine for initially refusing the textbooks. After initially rejecting the curriculum, which included mature LGBT material, the board reversed course and the state-backed curriculum was approved.


In another example, a mother of three named Janet Roberson became the target of local progressive activists and was eventually fired from her job in May after she spoke out at a California school board meeting to voice her concerns over LGBT curriculum.

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