Monday 25 September 2023

GOVERNMENT WASTE: Workers at illegal migrant shelters in Chicago are earning up to $200 AN HOUR

 NBC 5 in Chicago aired a segment this week about where all the millions of taxpayer dollars for illegal alien migrants is going. It appears that a good chunk of it is being siphoned by employees at these private shelters and camps for illegals straight into their own bank accounts.

According to the report, which you can watch below, employees at these private shelters and camps for illegals are making anywhere from $135 to $200 per hour for jobs that in the real world would pay a lot less.

Investigator Bennett Baeberle from NBC 5 pored over documents and receipts showing that workers at these private migrant facilities, which are receiving millions of dollars from the government, are paying themselves very, very handsomely.

"Imagine making almost $200 an hour," Baeberle stated during the segment, holding up a stack of papers containing potentially incriminating evidence of wrongdoing. "These invoices show it has happened at the privately run shelters housing migrants."


How many other "humanitarian" efforts are just money laundering operations rife with fraud?

Local aldermen say they had no idea that anything was amiss until NBC 5 conducted and ran the exposé, which shows once again that just about everything happening today on the "humanitarian" front is just a money laundering fraud helping insiders get rich on the backs of taxpayers.

Favorite Staffing is the name of the company that run's Chicago's private migrant shelters. Invoices bearing its name and insignia show obscene amounts of money being charged by migrant shelter employees for ordinary jobs.

"In one invoice, a facility manager made $14,000 in a week in December," NBC 5 hosts explained while showing images of various invoices. "Another invoice shows a nurse earned more than $20,000 in one week – those figures do account for overtime."

"To see invoices like that is disgusting," said Alderman Raymond Lopez. "They're outrageous. And they should be cause for an immediate investigation."

"Uh, no we haven't been," responded Alderman Scott Waguespack when asked by NBC 5 if he and the other aldermen have an accounting for where all the dollars are going.

"And I think that's the big concern that came today was that we're willing to accept federal dollars, we're willing to give dollars to these issues, but we need to see where every penny is spent."

Three months ago, NBC 5 filed public records requests to obtain these damning documents, which are now going to city and state officials for review.

In the comments, someone wrote that it is now abundantly and overwhelmingly obvious that the powers that be are "now pilfering the American people and redistributing it amongst the victors."

"I know I pay a huge tribute every month, so I may live in this conquered land," this person further wrote in defeat. "Learn to live amongst them because they are here and there is not one thing anyone will do to stop it. So pay up until there is no more. We'd better hope they are kind masters."

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