Monday 25 September 2023

Fox’s Bartiromo Says ‘Her Thinking Is Evolving’ After Clash With Gaetz

 Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo said Monday her “thinking is evolving” after she clashed with Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz over government funding.

Bartiromo responded to a tweet from North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop in which he said that Gaetz’ appearance on Fox News with Bartiromo was “the best interview” he has seen.

“The ad hominem attacks against @RepMattGaetz will undoubtedly persist, but his every point was perfectly stated and utterly inarguable,” Bishop quote tweeted alongside a clip of the video. “Let’s see a rational rebuttal. Maria is usually one of the best, but she could only sputter.”

Bartiromo responded, saying Bishop was “right.”

“@RepMattGaetz made a very good argument. And my thinking is evolving. I was happy to have him on.”

Gaetz joined Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss the looming government shutdown. The congressman argued in regard to four appropriations bills the House is set to advance that “the only way to do this, Maria, is line by line. Kevin [McCarthy] wants it in one big, up-or-down vote; keep the government open, shut it down.” 

“The bills are being worked on; you just heard [Ohio Republican Rep.] Jim Jordan say that they are effecting four bills this week, appropriations bills this week, to get through that would partially fund the government, the Defense bill as well,” Bartiromo said. “You wanted the Defense bill to move forward, did you not?”

“Yes, that’s why I voted for it, and I voted for the rule to proceed on to it,” Gaetz said. “Any by the way, don’t give Kevin McCarthy credit for the fact that we’re moving on to these four appropriations bills. That was the deal that House conservatives foisted upon Kevin McCarthy when he couldn’t just move the big spending bills without moving the bills that cut spending.”

“Well, he’s doing the four bills next week,” Bartiromo said before Gaetz interjected.

“Because we’re making him do it!”

“So to push now, to blow up all of the wins that you all have had now,” Bartiromo responded.

“Which wins? Please enumerate them,” Gaetz shot back.

“Ok, well how about the fact that he has set up a weaponization committee to investigate the DOJ, whether they’re involved in a cover-up,” Bartiromo said before cutting Gaetz off when he tried to speak.

“Hold on, hold on,” she continued. “How about the fact that he has set up the China select committee to keep China to account, and of course, he has launched this inquiry into impeachment, potentially for President Biden, is that not what you want?”

Gaetz argued “none of those things are deliverable” and that “these committees have done nothing to reduce inflation, they’ve done nothing to actually constrain the Biden government.”

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