Wednesday 27 September 2023

Elon Musk To Visit The U.S. Southern Border To See Biden’s Border Crisis

 X owner Elon Musk announced this week that he will travel to the U.S.-Mexico border with a member of Congress to survey the catastrophe that has been unleashed by President Joe Biden’s policies.

The illegal immigration crisis on the southern border is one of the top political issues that Musk cares about, as he frequently comments about it online and draws attention to it by amplifying posts to his nearly 160 million followers on X.

Musk made the announcement while responding to a video that was originally posted by Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins.

“FOX News sources capture stunning new video of hundreds more of migrants making their way on top of trains, some waving a Venezuelan flag, en route to the US border in Eagle Pass, TX,” Jenkins wrote.

Musk responded: “I spoke with Rep Tony Gonzales tonight – he confirmed that it is a serious issue. They are being overwhelmed by unprecedented numbers – just hit an all-time high and still growing!”

“Am going to visit Eagle Pass later this week to see what’s going on for myself,” he added.

Musk’s visit to the U.S. border comes as Biden still has not gone to see the dire situation that has erupted under his leadership.


In August, U.S. Customs and Border Protection had a total of 232,972 encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border, an increase of about 50,000 from the previous month.

The high number of crossings have continued into September, with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants coming through Eagle Pass, Texas, triggering the mayor to declare an emergency. The Biden administration, which has sued to stop Texas from erecting a water barrier in the Rio Grande to deter illegal crossings, has also been accused of cutting razor wire put up by Texas in Eagle Pass to secure the border.

At the same time as crossings remain high, the Biden administration has reportedly flown over 200,000 illegal immigrants to airports throughout the U.S. and the administration continues to push for more legal immigration from countries where many of the illegal immigrants are currently coming from.

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