Friday 18 August 2023

Watch People From All Different Backgrounds React Emotionally to the Impact of ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ (VIDEO)


Oliver Anthony’s breakout hit song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ is still taking the country by storm.

The song was uploaded to YouTube just a week ago and now has over 19 million views.

The liberal media rushed to classify Anthony’s song as merely ‘right wing’ talking points, but as you’ll see below, the song has an amazing effect on people of all kinds of backgrounds.

RedState reports:


Watch: Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Causes Deep Emotional Impact in All Types of People

When a red-bearded stranger standing in front of a deer blind and surrounded by dogs began strumming his guitar and singing into a microphone, few people were ready for how deeply his song would impact them. The world was taken by surprise as Oliver Anthony, a no-name farmer from Farmville, Virginia, soulfully sang the woes of a vast swath of Americans so well that his song made him a successful superstar overnight…

The politicians in Washington D.C. were pointed to as the source of the problems we’re experiencing, and needless to say, they didn’t like that. Immediately, the leftist attack machine began working against Anthony, painting him as a man associated with the “far right,” and attempting to make his song politically polarizing. The aim was to divide the people against one another over the subjects sung in the song, thus crippling its rise in the public consciousness and hampering its message.

But judging by a recent video compilation put together by Matt Orfalea, it didn’t work. People from all walks of life have been watching and reacting to the song, and it would appear that no matter what walk of life you hail from, this song resonates with you. In fact, it hits some people so deeply that it causes them to weep.

Watch this:

Do you believe all of the people in that video are right wing?

That’s what the media would have you think.

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