Tuesday 29 August 2023

San Francisco Bakery Refuses Service To Armed Cops In Uniform

 A San Francisco bakery is refusing service to armed law enforcement officers in uniform, according to the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

The union shared a post via X last Thursday, saying, “NO COPS ALLOWED. That’s the confirmed policy of the bakery chain Reem’s. One of our officers was denied service last weekend because he was in uniform. Reem’s confirms that they will not serve anyone armed and in uniform. Presumably, this includes members of the US Military.”

They included a photo of the business — Reem’s bakery — and a partially redacted screenshot of an email from the company confirming the policy.

“Thank you for your email,” it read. “At Reem’s we do have a policy to not serve anyone that is armed in a uniform. All officers are welcome to come to our establishment when they are off duty and not armed.”

The Police Officers Association responded by saying that if the company did not want to serve officers who were on duty, in uniform, and potentially armed, the officers did not want to give Reem’s their business at any time.

“We are not asking Reem’s or any business with a bigoted policy to serve our officers,” the POA wrote in a follow-up post. “We’re asking them to own their discriminatory policy & and put up a sign so we know not to spend money in your establishment — on or off duty. We took the liberty of designing one for them.”


“NO ENTRY. NO COPS ALLOWED,” the proposed sign read in all capital letters. “HAVE A NICE DAY.

“And this is why the city has become what it is,” former news correspondent Adam Housley responded.

The National Fraternal Order of Police had a question for Reem’s owners — namely whether or not they had requested that law enforcement not respond in the event that something criminal happened on the premises.

“Soooo has Reem’s contacted SFPD and been placed on a do not respond list or nah? Just checking …” the FOP posted.

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