Wednesday 2 August 2023

New Hero — And New Talking Point — Arises To Protect Biden Amid Devon Archer Claims

 Longtime Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer took questions from the House Oversight Committee on Monday — and just when he began to fill in the details tying President Joe Biden to his son’s questionable dealings with foreign business partners, a new hero stood up to protect the president.

The hero in question is former impeachment attorney-turned Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) — who went straight to the cameras after Archer’s Capitol Hill appearance to reassure the public that if Joe Biden did talk to Hunter’s business partners, it was only to say hello or to discuss the weather.


“It was clear that it was part of the daily conversations that Hunter Biden had with his father,” Goldman told reporters. “It was — and sounds like most of the time now President Biden didn’t even know who the people he was at dinner, he was just asked to say hello and he would talk about the weather — he described it several times.”

Goldman went on to characterize Archer’s statements as proof that Joe Biden had not discussed anything relating to business, and had only been peripherally involved in “casual conversation.”

On Tuesday morning, Goldman joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to continue his defense of Biden — and there he joined Jonathan Lemire in suggesting that Joe Biden’s preoccupation with his late son Beau Biden’s illness made it even less likely that he was willfully participating in anything untoward.



Lemire began by suggesting that at worst, it appeared that then Vice-President Biden had perhaps “turned a blind eye” to some of the things Hunter was involved in at the time.

“We should put this in context; this is the time when Beau Biden, the president’s other son, was ill and dying and then passed away. So perhaps he wasn’t as attentive to what he should have been,” Lemire said, arguing that he had yet to see any proof that Joe Biden had committed any crime.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson pivoted back to the previous talking point, suggesting that if Joe Biden had been party to any calls or dinners that he should not have been, it was because he loved his son. “We know how important family is to the president. So, do you hang up on your son?” he asked.

Goldman joined the conversation then, echoing Lemire’s comments and noting that it was around the time of Beau Biden’s death that Joe Biden redoubled efforts to speak with Hunter every day. He appeared to make the argument that if Joe Biden were involved in questionable calls, it was understandable because he was just trying to be sure he spoke with Hunter daily.

“Let’s put this in context: Beau Biden got very sick in early 2015. He died in spring of 2015,” Goldman said. “It was right in the middle when Devon Archer had his business dealings with Hunter Biden. At that point Joe Biden and Hunter Biden began to speak every day because they were both devastated by Beau’s death.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald noticed Goldman’s avid defense, as well the fact that Beau Biden’s death was once again being used to shield Joe Biden from criticism.

“Aside from the grotesque way Dems always exploit issues of addiction and Beau’s death to demand nobody talk about the scandals involving Hunter, I continue to love that the most beloved new Dem Congressman is a billionaire Levi Strauss heir from Manhattan and the Mueller team,” he said.

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