Saturday 26 August 2023

Man Reportedly Admits To Killing Sister Over An ‘Electric Bill’ Dispute

 A Florida man reportedly admitted to police that he killed his sister because of a dispute regarding an electric bill Wednesday.

Rowby Severe, 37, allegedly struck two of his sisters with his fists and then with his gun; eventually using it to allegedly shoot one of them in the head who subsequently would up dead, according to a report by Local10. Severe called 911 and police responded to the incident, according to the outlet.

The alleged domestic violence incident stemmed from an argument over paying the family electric bill. 

First responders found Severe’s sister, the late 40-year-old Magael Brown, dead on the living room floor of the home Wednesday, which is located in the Pine Hills area of the county.

This apparently is not the first time a Florida man has shot and killed his sister over a fight about an electric bill, according to NBC Miami:

The condition of Severe’s other sister who survived the alleged outburst is currently unclear.

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