Friday 4 August 2023

Man rammed his car into group of people and went on a lethal stabbing spree in South Korea, police say

 South Korean police said a man killed one and injured 12 others in a stabbing attack at a mall on Thursday.

It was the second lethal mass stabbing attack in South Korea in the last week.

Police said the man rammed his car into passers-by in front of the mall in Seongham, injuring four people. Then he went inside and stabbed nine people.

One man in his 60s died in the attack. At least two of the hospitalized victims were reportedly in serious condition.

Police were able to arrest the attacker. Media reports said that the assailant was a delivery man in his 20s who had suffered mental illness issues.

Photos from the scene showed a white Kia hatchback with a blown tire and a broken front window on the sidewalk near a subway station.

A witness named Hwang Hee-woon said to YTN television that he "heard a sound from the first floor that seemed like a scream, so customers and shop workers were gathering on the rails of the second-floor near the escalator to see what was happening below." 

He said that the attacker began to go to the second floor, so everyone ran away in a panic. He ended up hiding with employees inside of a refrigerated storage room. 

Footage showed the attacker wore a black hoodie and sunglasses.

An official at the National Police Agency referred to the incident as "virtually an act of terrorism."

In the previous incident, a man stabbed four pedestrians in Seoul, the capital of the country, killing one person.

Seongham is a commuter town around 12 miles away from Seoul.

Here's more about the harrowing attack:

Car-ramming and stabbing attack injures 12, kills 1 in South Korea

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