Wednesday 23 August 2023

Illegal immigrants are literally walking through open doors at Arizona border: 'We just walked in'

 The floodgates are literally wide open along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, allowing illegal immigrants to walk through open gates, with over a thousand striding through each day, the New York Post revealed.

An average of nearly 6,000 land border encounters were made daily by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in July 2023, as encounters sharply rose after a year-low number of encounters the month prior. 

United States officials have welded open 114 massive gates along the Arizona border to allow water to flow freely during monsoon season, as well as for endangered species of antelope, officials said, according to the New York Post. The gates cover a 36-mile stretch near Lukeville, Arizona.

However, this is also letting at least 1,400 migrants in the country through the doors daily, making illegal entries shockingly easy.

Migrants spoke to the outlet and gave comments such as, “We thought the agents were going to tell us something, but we just walked." 

“It was so easy to get into the U.S.," a Cuban noted. “Nothing like our journey through Mexico. That part was hard,” she added. “I thought there was going to be more security.”

The gates have been open for nearly two months, and migrants are dropped off by the busload on the Mexican side and then simply walk into the U.S.. 

According to sources inside Border Patrol, several federal agencies including the National Park Service allegedly called for the floodgates to be opened. However, a late monsoon season has resulted in open doors without any threat of traversing water.

“We tried to shut the gates, but the order came down that we had to leave them open,” a source claimed. “You wouldn’t leave the front door of your house open in a bad neighborhood.”

Border officials told the New York Post that those without a legal basis to be in the United States would be removed: “The individuals had already crossed the border from Mexico, are on U.S. soil, and are subject to U.S. immigration laws. Individuals who cross unlawfully will be subject to the lawful pathways rule, which places commonsense conditions on asylum eligibility, with certain exceptions. Those who do not establish a legal basis to remain in the United States will be removed."

Another source told the paper a group of migrants "rushed" agents who were blocking the doorways with ATVs.

"You had people climbing over quads. You had people pushing the agents. Not a single one got charged," the person alleged.

Border encounters in fiscal year 2023 are on pace to match the near 2.4 million that were seen in 2022. There were just over 1.7 million encounters in 2021, while in 2020, President Trump's administration saw a little more than 450,000.

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