Saturday 5 August 2023

Bidenomics! Gas Stove Crackdown Would Save Americans 9 Cents Per Month

 Bidenomics, baby! That’s the term the Biden administration is “quite proud” of, but that nobody is able to define. Or, perhaps they are able to explain it, but avoid providing particulars about what it means because doing so would pop any illusion that the president’s economic and “cost-saving” policies are working.

For example, remember that gas stove crackdown that the Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has long touted as being necessary to save energy and money for the American people? Well, the Department of Energy recently revised its expectations for exactly how much the average American would save under new rules, which would effectively ban nearly 50% of gas stoves off the market.

Under “Bidenomics,” consumers could save nine cents a month by ditching their gas stoves. That means you would save just shy of $11 over the next decade.

Why the change?

Well, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the professionals at DOE had their initial data wrong.

“The changes in energy savings projected by DOE primarily result from DOE recognizing that the currently available cooking products are more efficient than its earlier analysis assumed,” AHAM told Fox News.

This lesson really serves as another prime example of why it’s good to question the experts — despite the Biden administration’s admonishment not to do so.

Central planners like Granholm and the gang so often overemphasize a problem and upsell the promise of their solutions only to “quietly” tamp down expectations once the spotlight is focused on something else — such as the DOE’s incandescent lightbulb ban. Don’t worry, the DOE promises that, too, will be better for you and me. No questions asked, and thank the government, they tell us.


Of course, some penny pinchers out there might welcome this news. If you kept the 16 cents you saved thanks to Biden at your July 4th family barbecue in 2021, then you now have 25 cents in the bank. That means you just need roughly $999.75 more to buy one of the induction stoves the Biden administration loves to tout.

Bidenomics: Spends hundreds to save pennies!

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