Thursday 3 August 2023

Biden Family ‘Brand’ Made People ‘Intimidated To Mess With’ Burisma, Devon Archer Testified

 Hunter Biden’s longtime business associate Devon Archer testified to the House Oversight Committee Monday that the Biden family “brand” protected Ukrainian energy firm Burisma from legal scrutiny, according to a newly released transcript.

Archer spoke to the committee about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the value the Biden name brought to Burisma when Hunter Biden and Archer were appointed to Burisma’s board in 2014.  


Devon Archer Transcript by James Lynch on Scribd

“My only thought is that I think Burisma would have gone out of business if it didn’t have the brand attached to it. That’s my, like, only honest opinion,” Archer said. 

“Well, the capabilities to navigate D.C. that they were able to, you know, basically be in the news cycle. And I think that preserved them from a, you know, from a longevity standpoint. That’s like my honest — that’s like really what I — that’s like how I think holistically,” Archer elaborated after more questioning.

“But how would that work?” asked Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman.

“Because people would be intimidated to mess with them,” Archer answered. 

“In what way?”

“Legally,” Archer said.

Earlier in the interview, Archer explained how Hunter Biden’s ability to improve Burisma’s “brand” was the most valuable thing he brought to the company. 

“The value was — the value that Hunter Biden brought to it was having — you know, there was — the theoretical was corporate governance, but obviously, given the brand, that was a large part of the value. I don’t think it was the sole value, but I do think that was a key component of the value,” Archer stated.

“You keep saying “the brand,” but by “brand” you mean the Biden family, correct?” the committee asked Archer.


“When you say “Biden family” — sorry to cut in here. I just want to get a clarification. You aren’t talking about Dr. Jill or anybody else. You’re talking about Joe Biden. Is that fair to say?” Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs asked Archer.

“Yeah, that’s fair to say,” Archer replied.

“Obviously, that brought the most value to the brand,” he added. 

Archer also testified about how Hunter Biden brought his father on speakerphone during business meetings over 20 times, House Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer said in a statement.

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