Thursday 27 July 2023

‘What Bribery Scheme?’: Whoopi Claims Biden Is Being ‘Punished’ Because He Won

 Whoopi Goldberg said Wednesday that Republicans were only going after President Joe Biden because they wanted to “punish” him for winning the 2020 presidential election.

Goldberg made the comments during Wednesday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show “The View,” blowing off allegations of bribery and corruption — and her co-hosts quickly joined the pile-on, suggesting that Republicans were attempting to “weaponize” Hunter Biden against his father because they didn’t have a platform.


“What bribery scheme?” Goldberg began. “What? I’m sorry, I — it’s always — it’s so different every day, I mean, you know, they’re either freaking out about ‘Barbie,’ or they’re upset about — you know — Budweiser beer, and it just … Bud Light, okay, that’s right, you don’t want the wrong thing to get out.”

“What is really happening here?” Goldberg asked, vaguely referencing the multiple whistleblowers — and now Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer — who had alleged that President Joe Biden was deeply involved in his son’s foreign business dealings and influence peddling.

But instead of digging into the allegations, Goldberg suggested that it was all a coordinated effort to attack Biden because he won in 2020. “How much punishment does Biden need cause he won and they lost?” she wondered.

Co-host Joy Behar claimed that Republicans were attacking Biden because of the multiple indictments dogging former President Donald Trump — who is still leading Republican primary polls going into the 2024 election — and that the only way they could deflect from that was to beat up on Biden.

“Take your eyes off of Trump even though he’s a criminal,” she mocked, adding, “Put your eyes on this guy instead.”


Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed that the focus on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden was meant to be a diversion, but she argued that it was because they “don’t have a real program [to] help the American people.”

Leaving out the whistleblower testimony that showed how closely President Joe Biden had been involved in his son’s foreign business dealings, she again complained that Republicans were “weaponizing” Hunter Biden in an effort to take down his father.


Behar weighed in again, arguing again that it was all about Trump and appearing to claim that all of his children had been involved in his administration when only Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, had been. Whatever Hunter had done, she argued it did not matter since he was not a part of Joe Biden’s administration.

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