Friday 7 July 2023

Ted Cruz Makes Surprise Prediction About Who Brought Cocaine Into White House

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that he does not think that the cocaine that was found in the White House this week belongs to Hunter Biden.

Cruz made the remarks during his most recent broadcast of the “Verdict” podcast, with his co-host Ben Ferguson.

Officials found the small bag of white powder on Sunday night and subsequent testing confirmed that it was cocaine.

“You know, my guess is it probably isn’t Hunter’s,” Cruz said. “I don’t know that, obviously. We know that Hunter has a drug problem. We know that he has used cocaine and use crack cocaine in the past. But I doubt Hunter Biden is going in the West Wing all that often and going in that entrance all that often.”

“I think it is in all likelihood someone who works in the Biden administration, some senior Biden official, which makes the cover-up all that the more astonishing,” he continued.

Cruz said that with all the cameras that Secret Service and other officials have monitoring the White House complex he had a hard time believing that they have not already figured out who the culprit was.

“That’s insane,” he said. “And the only reason they would put out a statement saying we will never know who it was, is the same reason why the DOJ and the FBI is engaged in a cover-up of Hunter Biden’s acts of criminality, of Joe Biden’s acts of criminality,” he said. “Sadly, this administration is more than willing to politicize, look, it would be embarrassing if we discover that a senior White House aide is bringing cocaine into the west wing to do schedule-one, serious drugs in the White House. And so their answer instead is, of course, we’re not going to prosecute it. We’re not going to investigate it. And you know what, we’ll just never know who did it.”

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