Monday 10 July 2023

Special needs teacher fired after school district discovered her OnlyFans account, she defends racy side job: 'I'm not hurting anybody'

 A Canadian special needs teacher has been fired from her job after the school district discovered her racy OnlyFans account. The teacher claimed that she began posting adult content for money because she doesn't receive a "livable wage."

Since 2015 Kristin MacDonald had been a teaching assistant at Terry Fox Secondary School in Port Coquitlam in British Columbia, Canada. While working as a teacher, she started an OnlyFans account under the stage name "Ava James." The 35-year-old teacher posted adult content on her OnlyFans page. 

At some point, the school district discovered her OnlyFans content. On April 28, MacDonald received an email from School District 43 ordering her to deactivate all of her accounts related to "Ava James." The email reportedly stated that she risked termination if she failed to deactivate her OnlyFans, Instagram, and TikTok with her Ava James persona.

MacDonald refused to comply with the school district's demands. 

On June 16, MacDonald was fired by the school district.

"Your misconduct in this matter is egregious," read a termination letter from a district assistant superintendent.

"As an employee of the District, you are required to comply with the District’s policies and procedures," the letter read, according to the Global News. "These policies and procedures were readily available to you throughout your employment, were brought to your attention at the commencement of your employment, and you were regularly reminded of your need to comply with the District’s policies and procedures through communications from the District during your employment." 

"Employees must remember they are role models within the community and must not engage in off-duty activities, including online and social media activity, which place them in a conflict of interest whether actual or perceived or which may negatively affect the District’s operations, reputation or work environment," the school district declared.

The letter continued, "Putting to one side material posted on the OnlyFans account you operate, posting on publicly accessible platforms content that involves the sexualization of the school environment via ‘sexy school girl’ imagery and innuendo to ‘meet at the playground’ for sexual activities, in and of itself negatively affects the District’s operations, reputation and work environment."

MacDonald argued, "I am an education assistant that has been terminated for putting on a schoolgirl outfit. Seems absurd to me."

The school district reportedly stated that MacDonald was to not discuss the matter with anyone other than her union representative.

MacDonald defied the district and told her story to the media.

The union filed a grievance.

She contends that she never used her real name on any of the adult-oriented accounts.

MacDonald, who is a single mother, argued that she began her titillating side job because she was not paid a "livable wage."

MacDonald said, "People gotta live, they got to make money. So I would say to the school district, you know, you don’t want me doing OnlyFans, then pay me a livable wage."

She added, "I truly loved my job and it filled my emotional bucket, so to speak. So I will certainly be missing it nonetheless."

"At this point I'd like the ability to go back to working for a school district," MacDonald admitted.

MacDonald told the CBC, "I feel strongly that in this day and age, we should be able to do what we want as long as it's not illegal. I'm not hurting anybody."

The fired teacher stated, "There's been a lot of mixed emotions about it. Certainly, disappointment and everything. But I'm also optimistic that the process is not over yet."

School District 43 did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News.


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