Sunday 9 July 2023

Senator Kennedy Torches Kamala Harris Over Embarrassing Clip: English Not Even Her Fourth Language

 Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) mocked Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday after a video clip of her went viral showing her fumbling around with words while trying to define what “culture” is.

On June 30, Harris appeared at the Essence Magazine “Festival of Culture” in New Orleans where she was asked to define the topic.

“Well I think, culture is, is a reflection of our moment and our time. Right?” she said. “And, and, and present culture is the way we express how we’re feeling about the moment and, and we should always find times to express how we feel about the moment. That is a reflection of joy. ‘Cause you know … it comes in the morning.”

“We have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of just having language and, and, and a connection to how people are experiencing life,” she continued. “And I think about it in that way, too.”

When asked what his thoughts were about the clip, Kennedy said that she was struggling at speaking engagements for several reason.

“She’s struggling for a couple of reasons,” Kennedy said. “Number one, she doesn’t appear to be prepared. Number two, no matter how well-prepared you are, you have to be able to express yourself. And with respect, I would say the vice president needs to work on being a little more articulate. Some might say that based on her performances that English is not her first, second, third, or even fourth language.”

“But number three, I think sound advice for anyone, politician or not, is always be yourself unless you suck. If you suck, have enough self-awareness to know you suck, and try to do better,” he added. “And I just don’t get the impression that the vice president is – she’s not being herself. She’s trying to sound smart instead of just saying what she believes and saying it in a clear articulate manner that the average American who’s busy can understand.”


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