Monday 10 July 2023

NH Governor Sununu Mocks ‘Tough Guy’ Trump For Potentially Evading Debates: ‘He’s Gonna Wimp Out?’

 New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu tore into former President Donald Trump this week over speculation that he may seek to avoid participating in debates during the Republican primaries because he may not perform well.

Sununu made the remarks during an interview on Fox News with host Sandra Smith when she asked what the debates would look like without Trump there.

“Former President Trump, the tough guy?” Sununu said while laughing. “The guy that says he’s gonna fight for America, but he’s not willing to stand up, he’s gonna wimp out? Wimp out and not get on that debate stage?”

Sununu said that the primary reason that Trump is ahead in the polls right now is the indictments the former president faces and the amount of attention that has brought him which has given him a “sympathetic push” from the Republican Party base.

“That’s what you’re seeing in a lot of the polls, but I’m telling you, it doesn’t mean they’re gonna vote for him,” Sununu said. “You still have to earn the vote. Most voters in a primary, at least in New Hampshire, we have one of the highest voter turnouts in the country and most will only decide who they’re voting for three or four weeks, like around Christmas, if you will. So there’s still so much to be played out here.”

Sununu said that people should not be worried about DeSantis’ numbers because debates have not even started yet and all the candidates who are running are new presidential candidates, meaning they haven’t run for the position before.

“We haven’t really seen [DeSantis] on the stage,” Sununu said. “We haven’t seen him really attack. And I think there’s a big opportunity that’s still being missed by the Republican Party as a whole, in that Donald Trump talks about Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s issues, the attacks on Trump, the politicalization of the Department of Justice, and we all understand that, we get it.”

“But none of that talks about the future. And voters vote on the future,” he added. “They might support you for the past, but they’re gonna vote on the future.”


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