Friday 14 July 2023

New Pro-Life Diaper Company Releases Powerful Ad

 Every Life, a new pro-life diaper company, released a powerful ad Thursday that highlights the company’s mission to provide diapers for every baby.

Every Life was launched by PublicSq., an online marketplace that works to help “freedom-loving Americans” find businesses that align with their values.

The evocative Every Life video ad begins by calling out companies who have embraced anti-life values.

“While so many companies are promoting what is wrong, we choose to celebrate what is right — life,” a woman’s voice says in the ad as the video shows a pregnant woman gazing at her unborn child on an ultrasound screen.

“Every miracle from God, boy and girl, black, tan, and white, planned and unplanned, gifted and special,” the ad continues, showing video of babies and affectionate parents. “Every one of them is celebrated here.”

“Every Life, where changing diapers changes lives,” the ad concludes.


PublicSq. brands itself as a conservative alternative to Amazon. The San Diego-based company was launched as an app in October, 2021 and describes itself as “America’s Marketplace.” So far, PublicSq. has attracted more than a million users and more than 55,000 businesses. The company is set to go public in the near future.

You asked, we heard you. Meet @everylife! A diaper company that believes every new life is worthy of celebration; Black. Tan. White. Planned and Unplanned.” PublicSq. wrote in a tweet Thursday.

“EveryLife will never donate your hard-earned money to organizations that destroy innocent life — but their competitors do!” PublicSq. added in its tweet.

“We started this company with a simple mission: to provide premium products for every baby. Because every baby is a miracle from God who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported,” Every Life states on its website.

Every Life also includes a program called “Buy For a Cause,” which allows people to buy diapers and wipes for families in need.

PublicSq. has quickly gained a reputation a pro-life company.

Last month, PublicSq. said it would pay its employees a $5,000 “baby bonus” as a response to progressive companies saying they would cover the travel expenses for their female employees’ abortions.

“I was shocked by that because it’s an immoral and egregious act for an employer to pay for an employee to terminate their children,” PublicSq. Founder and CEO Michael Seifert told The Daily Signal. “That’s my opinion. But on top of that, it was also a very blatantly obvious move for just more productivity out of their employees. And it was a stifling of [employees’] potential desires to have families.”

The companies travel expenses offer was a reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision last year to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 landmark case that legalized abortion nationwide. After it was overturned, Republican legislatures across the country enacted abortion bans on a state level, meaning women in some states must travel to a different state to obtain an abortion.

PublicSq. said it saw a sizable portion of users use its platform to find beer after the backlash to Bud Light over its partnership with trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

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