Thursday 13 July 2023

Liberals lash out at CNN after reporter misgenders Dylan Mulvaney: 'F*** CNN for running this segment'

 Liberals are outraged at the CNN news network after transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney was "misgendered" twice during a segment.

CNN's national correspondent Ryan Young was reporting on the backlash against Bud Light's marketing partnership with Mulvaney when he referred to the transgender activist as "he" and "him" in an on-air segment. 

“He, of course, is the transgender person they were going to sponsor and go along with, with Bud Light,” said Young. "They didn't like how Bud Light didn't stand by him after all of this."

Video of the politically incorrect segment went viral, and CNN was lambasted over the incident.

"Please god, CNN. Bring trans people on to talk about trans news. This was a terrible segment, it misgenders Dylan the entire time and tries to both sides the idea of a transgender person even appearing in an ad. Horrific," replied transgender activist Erin Reed.

"This is probably the worst CNN segment of all time and that's saying something," said another critic. 

"CNN just misgendering Dylan Mulvaney during a segment that completely erases the depth of transphobic hatred in this boycott… nasty," responded one viewer.

"Why the f*** is a CNN National Correspondent misgendering someone on live TV? Would be horrible regardless but the whole segment is ABOUT Dylan and not once is she, or her experience, centered. Also congrats on finding three bigots who will fit within your s*** narrative," read another outraged tweet. 

"F*** CNN for running this segment," said another critic.

The network ran an apology about the incident after the massive online backlash from the left.

"She was mistakenly referred to by the wrong pronoun," said CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. “CNN aims to honor individuals’ ways of identifying themselves and we apologize for that error."

Here's the video of CNN's apology:

CNN under fire for misgendering Dylan Mulvaney: ‘Unbelievably bad’

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