Saturday 22 July 2023

'Just stop p**sing everyone off': Anti-oil protesters prevented from blocking road by suspicious counter-protesters

 Protesters from the group Just Stop Oil were prevented from blocking a road by counter-protesters who stopped the group from performing one of their "slow-marching" protests in busy city streets in the U.K..

The counter-protesters, some of whom were masked, formed a circle around the activists while wearing shirts that read "Just stop pissing everyone off," which appeared to be mocking the usual orange shirts worn by the Just Stop Oil activist group.

In a video post about the standoff, the eco-protesters claimed that their foes simply "dispersed" after hearing the group's reasoning for wanting to end gas and oil production:

"Supporters of Just Stop Oil were met with a counterprotest while preparing to slow march in Elephant & Castle, but after explaining their reasoning for demanding an end to new oil and gas, the counterprotesters dispersed," they wrote.

It is unclear if the group was involved with Just Stop Oil, given the alleged ease with which they willingly ended their resistance. Metro UK cited a Twitter user who claimed the counter-protest was "a stunt to try and make them seem reasonable." 

“What’s your plan? I hope you are willing stay here as long as we are," one of the seated activists said, before she praised the conversations that allegedly took place. 

"It's been so beneficial this morning being able to meet with some of you lovely people and having conversations with you," the woman added before both sides joined together in applause.

"We agree, we just want you to stop pissing people off," a man is heard saying.

"Just Stop Oil supporters are approaching the end of week thirteen of their campaign of daily marching to demand an end to new oil, gas and coal in the UK," a press release by the group read.

"170 supporters in 16 groups set off at around 8am to march in Hammersmith, Redbridge, Kings Cross, Victoria, Whitechapel, Farringdon, and Earls Court. This morning Animal Rising will be joining in solidarity, slow-marching from Smithfield Meat Market, whilst LGBTQ+ supporters of Just Stop Oil are marching through Westminster," it continued.

The group continued their public nuisance campaign by sitting on the floor of a department store as they said, “We will not die quietly."

Their antics have appeared to have inspired at least one other activist group, as a team of protesters for "animals, nature and climate justice" boasted about blocking roadways in solidarity with the anti-oil group.

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