Thursday 27 July 2023

Joe Rogan slaps down outrage about Jason Aldean's anti-woke song by comparing it to 'infinitely worse' rap music

 Joe Rogan jumped into the debate over Jason Aldean's country music song meant to criticize left-wing rioting by comparing the song to the violence and misogyny found in many rap songs.

Rogan made the comments while interviewing guest Gad Saad, a professor and author.

"The level of outrage, now I'm not saying that that's the greatest song that the world has ever known, you know, but the level of outrage coming from people that are upset about that song is so strange," said Rogan about Aldean's song.

"When there are hundreds of rap songs out there that are infinitely worse, and also enjoyable," he added.

"Misogynistic, glorifying violence, the whole thing," interjected Saad.

"Oh yeah! And no complaints at all. And we're not even talking about old stuff. There's new stuff too. There's hip-hop, there's wild rock songs, there's a lot of wild s**t and to be focusing on that one!" Rogan continued.  

He went on to argue that the criticism against Aldean's song was also nonsensical because so much of the protest violence was caused by white people and not minorities.

"And it's the racial aspect was crazy because like the real Antifa problems that were happening during the BLM, I think those where a lot of white people doing that, wasn't it?" 

"Yeah, yeah," Saad agreed.

"It was a lot of like lost liberal whites who were very angry, who decided to take up this movement and smash things. So like the racial aspect of it, there's nothing racial about the lyrics," he concluded.

Left-wing critics accused Aldean of sneaking racist lyrics and imagery into his song and video, but he has vehemently denied the accusations. The backlash to the outrage over Aldean's lyrics catapulted the song into massive popularity on iTunes after it was banned from the country music channel CMT.

Rogan's podcast is widely accepted as the most popular in the world.

Here's the video of Rogan's comments:

Outrage Over Jason Aldean's "Try That in a Small Town"

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