Friday 14 July 2023

Hungarian expert: MIGRATION is the major reason for France riots

 Migration is the major reason for the ongoing riots in France, according to a Hungarian expert.

Viktor Marsai, executive director of the Hungarian Migration Research Institute (MRI), made the comment on July 2. He told the Hungarian channel M1 News that the riots taking place on French streets demonstrate the multitude of problems associated with mass migration.

"In France, in recent decades, there have been several street riots like the current one," said Marsai. He continued that the riots mostly involve "young people from immigrant backgrounds who are not integrated into society, do not go to school, have no job, and seek their rights via street demonstrations."

The MRI executive director also pointed out that integrating second- and third-generation immigrants is a difficult endeavor. He also expressed the belief that recently arriving migrants pose an even greater challenge.

Marsai was also asked about what the European Commission's proposed mandatory migrant quota would entail. "If the plan is implemented, the number of refugee applications and procedures at the European Union's external borders will increase sharply," he replied.

According to Remix News, over 250,000 illegal entry attempts – involving more than 100,000 illegal migrants – were reported at Hungary's southern border. Marsai told M1 News that member states of the EU are not capable of processing that many asylum applications.

The rioting in France was triggered by the June 27 shooting of Nahel M., a 17-year-old of North African descent, for noncompliance with police officers at a traffic stop and speeding away. Per reports from the French Ministry of the Interiorrioters attacked police stations and gendarmerie barracks on June 30 alone – leaving 79 police officers and gendarmes wounded. The rioters also burned down and vandalized about 1,350 vehicles and 266 buildings, including 26 town halls and 24 schools.  

Big League Politics' Jose Nino pointed out: "Indeed, mass migration is taking its toll on France. There are massive costs associated with multiple decades of mass migration from countries with cultures totally alien from France."

Orban won't allow migrant ghettos in Hungary

Hungary, meanwhile, has been at the forefront of border security with its efforts to prevent illegal migrants from entering. As such, Budapest has drawn the ire of the EU leadership in Brussels for its refusal to adhere to migrant quotas. But this does not faze Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a staunch opponent of migration.

The Hungarian leader reiterated this stance during a July 7 tripartite migration summit between Hungary, Austria and Serbia held at the Austrian capital Vienna. According to him, Hungary will not implement the EU's migrant relocation plans and will not accept its mandatory migrant quota. Orban emphasized that his country has no desire to build "migrant ghettos."

"We will find a legal and political way to ensure that Hungary does not implement the latest decision from Brussels," the prime minister said. "The situation is sad, but Hungary must defend itself, not only against illegal migrants and people smugglers, but also against Brussels."

Orban also touted what he calls the "Hungarian model" during the July 7 summit. According to him, this "effective" model "is based on a very simple idea."

"No one is allowed to enter Hungary until their asylum application has been assessed," he explained. "You can only enter if the application you have submitted has a positive answer. Until then, you cannot enter the territory of our country."

The Hungarian leader remarked that his country's model "should be adopted by all the countries of the EU." However, he lamented that "this is not what is happening."

"Now, a regulation has been adopted in Brussels that imposes mandatory quotas and obliges member states to build refugee camps and migrant ghettos. This is bad not only for Hungary, ladies and gentlemen, but also for you Austrians."

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