Sunday 23 July 2023

Despite Biden’s Rhetoric And Shell Games, 94% Of Americans Say Border Is A ‘Problem’ Or ‘Crisis’

 President Joe Biden and the legacy media might be trying to cover up how badly the border truly is, but a recent Gallup poll indicates that 94% of all U.S. adults say that the porous southern border is a “problem” or “crisis,” while only 5% say that it is “not a problem.”

The survey, conducted June 1 – June 22, asked participants “Do you, personally, consider the situation at the U.S. border with Mexico to be — a crisis, a major problem, a minor problem, or not a problem for the U.S.?”

Thirty-nine percent of Americans said it was a “crisis,” 33% said it was a “major problem,” and 22% said it was a “minor problem.”  Only 7% of Democrats say that the border is not a problem.

Under Biden, millions have entered the U.S. country illegally, forcing the administration to change its tactics in how it deals with illegal aliens. However, it seems that the Democrats aren’t interested in stopping these illegal immigrants from entering the country, but making it easier for them.

Amongst its move has been a new “parole” system that allows migrants who would have otherwise been likely to cross the border illegally to enter the country. Under the new system, the only difference between legal and illegal, effectively, is that individuals seeking to enter the country fill out a smartphone app that serves as their asylum paperwork without the need for a visa.

New data suggests that the new system will allow the Biden administration to accept more than half a million asylum seekers per year. During the last two years, the administration has already allowed at least 541,000 migrants into the country through the parole authority, Daily Wire reporter Mairead Elordi wrote on Thursday.

The Biden administration has said this new method will provide “order” at the border. Yet, as previously observed, the problem is that the Left’s definition of “order” simply means that illegal aliens are “processed” by immigration officials and then released into the country via new “legal” measures — such as the smartphone app. “Order” to the Democrats does not mean having the necessary physical barriers or manpower necessary at the U.S.-Mexican border to deter entry. Nor does it include enforcing policies that effectively prevent illegal immigrants from entering the nation in the first place.

Lora Ries, director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Wire that this new system allows the Biden administration to conceal the number of individuals entering the country.

“The administration is using a shell game and sending people through ports of entry instead of between ports of entry, and then declaring that an improvement on the border,” Ries said.

She also pointed out that the number of individuals is just as high — which means that America is still allowing thousands of individuals each month from all around the globe to enter the country.

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