Monday 17 July 2023

‘All This Dancing Around’: Fox Host Grills GOP Senate Candidate Sam Brown Over Stance On Ukraine War

 Fox Business’ Stuart Varney called out Republican senatorial candidate Sam Brown on Monday after he seemingly tried to dodge questions on Ukraine.

Brown, an Afghanistan-war veteran who is running in Nevada, was asked about recent comments made by Former President Donald Trump in which he said he would end the Ukraine-Russia war in 24 hours.

“What kind of leadership would you provide on Ukraine if you were elected to the United States Senate? Would you go for a win and a win being defined as getting Russian troops out of the territory they’ve occupied in Ukraine so far? What would you do on Ukraine?” Varney asked. 

“Well, you know, Stuart, it really starts with defining what the mission success looks like based off the resources we have,” Brown said.

“Well, how would you define it? I mean, come on, I’m – all this dancing around the issues. How would you define a win in Ukraine? Or would you go for it?”

“It really begins with understanding what resources we have available,” Brown said. “And unfortunately, President Biden has been really displaying weakness to the rest of the world. And until you’re in those conversations and you have access to that information, you can’t make a proper assessment.” 

“As a leader, as someone who’s actually been in the trenches, I know that whenever you have a mission set for you, you have to know what equipment, what, what resources you have,” he continued. “I’m not gonna sit here and tell the American people exactly what that looks like without having that knowledge. And that’s what we have too many politicians doing. I’m not a politician.”  

Trump has called for an end to the Ukraine-Russia war, saying he would end it within 24 hours. He also released a statement recently criticizing the Biden administration’s decision to send so-called cluster munitions to the war-torn country. Trump’s claim about ending the war has received criticism, with presidential candidate Nikki Haley calling it “ridiculous.” 

“He knows that he can’t end the war in a day,” Haley said. “Everybody else knows he can’t end the war in a day. He says these crazy things. It’s not true. We’ve got a realistic situation on our hands. The way to end the war is to get Putin out, it’s not to appease him. The way we end the war is to be strong and work on our alliance.”

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