Friday 16 June 2023

WaPo Desperately Tries To Spin Bud Light’s Massive Plummet In Sales

 The Washington Post attempted to spin Bud Light’s rapid descent in popularity as an organic change rather than a response to the brand’s short-lived, but disastrous partnership with trans-identifying activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light sales fall in U.S. as Mexico’s Modelo gains popularity,” the headline read on an article published Wednesday — but the sub-headline suggested that even though the brand had been targeted by boycotts, it had likely lost its perch as America’s most popular beer because of a longer-term trend.

“Bud Light has been targeted by a recent boycott, but consumers might be moving away from the brand anyway amid stagnation for domestic beer in general,” the outlet tweeted.

Critics immediately pointed to the extremely rapid drop-off in sales – which had coincided almost exactly with Bud Light’s ill-fated partnership with Mulvaney and the brand’s decision to place two marketing executives connected to said partnership on leave — and said that to suggest the two weren’t connected required a level of disbelief that they just couldn’t muster.

“Man, imagine being so stupid you still fall for this s***,” podcast host Tim Pool said. “I think regular people are finally realizing the media just lies about everything.”

“‘A 25% permanent drop in sales was going to happen anyway,'” @ITGuy1959 added. “Wapo is indistinguishable from parody.”

Imagine believing this. If you really think that Bud Light’s drastic drop in sales is from consumers being tired of ‘domestic beer,’ I have a beachfront home to sell you in Iowa,” Michael Seifert commented.

Radio host Buck Sexton added, “The Left will be increasingly desperate to convince conservatives that their highly successful campaign against Bud Light wasn’t effective after all, and definitely shouldn’t be duplicated against other woke targets.”

Bud Light was not the only brand facing the wrong end of a boycott in recent weeks, either. Retail giant Target also saw a multi-billion-dollar loss in market capitalization following backlash over an “LGBTQ+ PRIDE” display that included “coming out” greeting cards and “tuck-friendly” and “binding” bathing suits for trans-identifying children.

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