Saturday 24 June 2023

Top 7 Democrat, Big Tech and Big Pharma stances that are completely hypocritical by definition

Most Americans support a specific political party because they believe that means certain legislation that the leaders of that party support will help the economy, national security, their lives, their schools, and their businesses improve. That makes perfect sense, but nowadays, it's "say anything" politics, and then just the opposite happens. Interested in decent schooling that helps your children learn how to lead a productive life? Don't vote for Democrats, or you're in for a world of hurt. Nearly everything "decided" by those politicians these days is first planned, plotted, and scripted out by Big Pharma gurus, who want the absolute worst life for your children, full of sickness, confusion, distraction, perversion, misinformation, and total lack of ethics and morality.

Dis-United States of America? Coerced vaccination, gender-bender drugs and surgery, and hate-breeding are top priorities for the new Democrat-CCP-Nation

How many Americans are now governed by literal communists, but who voted for Donald Trump in 2020? Do we as patriots have any say in NOT going to war with Russia over Ukraine? Do we as patriots have any say in NOT sending our hard-earned tax money to a country that is corrupt and supports Nazism?

Today, if you tell the truth about dirty vaccines or harmful prescription medicine, you are labeled a dissenter who is "anti-vax," "anti-science," and a "conspiracy theorist" who spreads misinformation and disinformation on the internet. For this spreading of the truth, you get banned from all of social media, YouTube, and your business gets blacklisted and bankrupted by Paypal, Google Ads, and other finance and marketing hubs online.

This is the new dystopian multi-tiered Democrat stance, where anyone who disagrees with their twisted propaganda suffers horrible consequences, and if you oppose them well, you are "burned alive" like a real-life scarecrow to set an example for the others (think Jan. 6'ers here).

George Orwell's "Big Brother" totalitarian police state has come completely true in America – who would've thought?

Hate and division of the populace is being woven into the fabric of this nation by the villains who run Washington DC right now. Nearly every Democrat in the country has been brainwashed to believe that Donald Trump is a white-supremacist Nazi and that "Resident" Joe Biden is actually trying to help the country "recover" from his "reign" of terror.

Although Donald Trump was pushing for the Covid vaccines to come out as quickly as possible, he never said he would make everyone get them. In fact, before he was president, he used to talk about the dangers of vaccination and how when kids get too many too close together, they suffer neurological disorders, like autism. He is right. However, the Democrats take a difference stance.

During the scamdemic, we all were just one step away from being vaccinated at gunpoint by the authoritarian CDC and DHS. Natural health advocates who denounce chemical violence by medication were called "domestic terrorists" and blamed for spreading Covid and literally killing people. It was all propaganda to make the vaccine enthusiasts enraged with FEAR and HATE. That is the insidious agenda of the Left, and it works.

Top 7 Democrat, Big Tech and Big Pharma hypocritical stances

#1. If you don't support child-grooming, gender mutilation surgery, gender-bender drugs, and drag queen story hour, then you are a gay-basher.

#2. If you don't support Nazi-loving Ukraine, then you are a Russia-loving domestic terrorist.

#3. If you don't believe Trump cheated in 2016 and that Biden got 81 million votes in 2020 without cheating, then you are an election-denier who needs to be jailed.

#4. We're all supposed to believe that every BLM and Antifa "protest" has always been 100 percent peaceful and justified, but anyone who actually peacefully walked through the Capital on January 6th is a "domestic terrorist" who must serve life in prison, without trial.

#5. If you disagree with the fake narratives of the Democrats or Big Pharma, you are spreading "disinformation," but if you agree with the lies, you are a law-abiding American.

#6. If you don't vaccinate for Covid and wear your mask 24/7/365, you are a disease-spreading leper (even though it's just the opposite as the vaccines LOWER your immunity and cause spike shedding, while the masks breed and spread disease and infection).

#7. If you are a white person, you are automatically a racist, but if you are black and hate all white people, that's normal. 

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