Wednesday 28 June 2023

REPORT: Support for Impeaching Merrick Garland Growing Among House Judiciary Committee Republicans – What Are They Waiting For?


On Monday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did not rule out the possibility of impeaching Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland, based on reports he interfered with the Hunter Biden investigation.

Since then, support for the measure has grown among Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee.

Many conservative voters feel this move is long overdue.

Breitbart News reports:


Exclusive: Support Mounts Among House Judiciary Republicans for Merrick Garland’s Impeachment

Support among House Judiciary Committee Republicans for an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Merrick Garland grew stronger after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy threatened impeachment proceedings if IRS whistleblower allegations turn out to be true regarding the politicization of the Justice Department’s Hunter Biden tax probe.

IRS whistleblowers told Congress last week the DOJ twice prevented United States Attorney David Weiss from bringing stronger charges in two separate locations against Hunter Biden. In addition, the whistleblowers alleged Garland rejected a request to appoint a special counsel in the probe to place a degree of separation between the DOJ and President Joe Biden…

Several Republican House Judiciary Committee members told Breitbart News that they support McCarthy considering an impeachment inquiry. Impeachment proceedings must originate from the House Judiciary Committee before reaching a full House vote.

“It’s not an empty threat,” senior committee member Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) exclusively told Breitbart News. “Congress can’t just look away from the culture of corruption that’s there for all to see, and the possibility of impeachment has to be on the table.”

Everyone in America should be very happy that this man was never appointed to the Supreme Court.

Garland deserves to be impeached. This should not be a difficult decision.

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