Thursday 1 June 2023

NH Governor Sununu Blasts Trump For Touting Cuomo’s COVID Response Over DeSantis: ‘It’s Bulls***!’

 New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu slammed former President Donald Trump during an interview this week for claiming that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial handling of the coronavirus pandemic was better than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ response to COVID.

Sununu made the remarks during a Fox News Radio interview on Wednesday with host Guy Benson.

Trump “is really sticking with this line that New York and Andrew Cuomo handled COVID better than Florida and DeSantis,” Benson said. “He’s doubling and tripling down on that. DeSantis now firing back. Andrew Cuomo coming in and praising Trump, saying, ‘He’s right, New York was better. This blue state lockdown model was better and more responsible.’

“I know you’re not in either of those camps, but there are some broader sort of policy issues at play in that dispute,” Benson added, asking Sununu, “What do you make of it?”

“It’s bull****!” Sununu responded. “That alone should tell you what you’re getting with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is siding with, of all people, Andrew Cuomo for this bizarre political attempt to, you know, discredit Governor DeSantis.”

Sununu said voters needed to take a step back and ask themselves, “What are we doing?” when evaluating Trump’s actions.

“That’s the guy leading the Republican ticket, the guy who’s praising Andrew Cuomo after completely throwing him under the bus?” Sununu said. “I think New York handled the COVID pandemic terribly, horribly. And that’s not just an outside opinion. That’s as a fellow governor that was on the phone with Cuomo and every other governor and the president and vice president almost every day for a while.”

“There are states that handled it well and states that didn’t,” he continued. “Florida did a great job, New Hampshire did a great job, Texas did well. I mean, a lot of states handled it really, really well. And to try to put New York above that is just simply nonsense.”


Sununu went on to say that Trump’s remarks about New York were a “discredit and disservice to all the other red states that handled this the right way,” Florida among them.

Sununu concluded by saying it was “absolutely telling” that Trump would “put Andrew Cuomo over other Republican interests.”


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