Monday 5 June 2023

Navy SEAL Who Detransitioned: Experts Are Withholding Critical Data From Parents

 Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Beck, who went by Kristen Beck for a brief period of his life, warned during an interview last week that the so-called “experts” who are pushing minors to transition are hiding critical data from parents.

Beck, who transitioned and later detransitioned, told Joey Jones on Fox News that professionals rarely inform parents that most minors who experience gender dysphoria or gender confusion grow out of it.

“So I was in mental health counseling for my graduate degree here at a university where I live and so I was learning all the procedures, I was learning all about human development from birth all the way through – up to 25 years old, you’re still developing your brain,” he said. “So the thing is, is that when you’re going through these courses, they’re coaching you and they’re coaching you on what to say to parents, and they’re not showing all the data.”

“So one of the biggest pieces of data that they’re missing right now is that 80% of the kids who are going through gender dysphoria or gender confusion either before puberty and during puberty, 80% of those kids are corrected,” he continued. “[The children] will get rid of all that gender confusion by the time puberty is over. 80%!”

The study that Beck is most likely referring to is a 2011 study by Thomas Steensma, in which he found that 80% of the 100 young people surveyed over the course of several years “desisted” from gender dysphoria. This study has been under scrutiny for some of its methods, with 42% of the study’s participants not fitting the definition of gender dysphoria, but being included nonetheless. The study did still show a remarkable amount of young people desisting as they grew up, backing up Beck’s claims.

Beck said that the treatments provided to minors often cause permanent, irreversible damage.

“If a kid goes on puberty blockers when they’re 13, 14, 15 years old, they’re chemically castrated,” he said. “They’re not going to have children when they get older. They’re not given this data. So eight of those kids, out of those ten, are going to want to go back to be just a regular old person and they’re not going to be able to.”

“They’re hurting kids. Eight out of ten, 80% of those kids, there’s studies, massive studies, 80% of those kids are not transgender,” he continued. “Eighty percent of those kids are just confused. Parents, you need to wake up. Don’t let your kids get into stuff. You better share all the data. All of the data.”


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